Industrial Sewing Needle Information has numerous educational files available to help answer your needle questions. The material below is available as downloadable PDF files that, when printed out, make great reference tools.Please note: All material is copyrighted and can only be reproduced with the consent of

DOWNLOADABLE PDF files (great reference tools!):

SCHMETZ Industrial Needles, Automotive Applications - The right needle for the production of vehicle seats for ships, aircrafts, motor vehicles, and trains.

SCHMETZ Industrial Needles, Cutting Points - For the sewing of leather and similar materials (thick card, sheet rubber, synthetic shaft materials etc.) the needles used have points with cutting edges.

SCHMETZ Industrial Needles, Round Points - Needles for stitching textiles. SCHMETZ offers you seven different round points for knitwear and woven fabrics, whose special properties contribute to a perfect sewing result.

SCHMETZ Industrial Needles, Schiffli Embroidery - The perfect needles for perfect Schiffli embroidery results.

SCHMETZ Industrial Needles, Special Coatings - Challenging sewing processes sometimes require the use of needles with a special coating, for instance, in the processing of abrasive materials or fabrics with a high man-made fiber content. SCHMETZ SERV 100 and SCHMETZ NIT.

SCHMETZ Industrial Needles, Special Geometry - Challenging sewing processes require the use of special needles. For special uses, SCHMETZ offers a range of needles of special geometry: SERV 7 (increased needle stability and reliable seams), KN (slim needle against knitwear damage), SF (extra slim point and eye area for finest knitwear), and GO (large eye area for heavy sewing threads).

SCHMETZ Industrial Needle Reference Chart - A resource to make picking the proper industrial needle easier than ever before. PDF.

SCHMETZ Industrial Machine Manufacturers - Company names, addresses, phone numbers, for manufacturers world-wide. PDF.