How to Properly Open a Package of SCHMETZ Needles

Opening the Container

Opening up a package of SCHMETZ needles is actually a fairly simple procedure… once you know the physics behind the little plastic container. Put away the hammers, pliers, rocks, and whatever else you might have been using to free your needles from the confines of the storage container. Many of you already know the secret of getting to your needles, if so, you can skip this page. If you are a part of the minority who has lost their patience and have uttered any one of the seven dirty words you can’t use on the radio, then please read further.

    Here’s the secret . . . are you ready? Really?

    The clear plastic cover is designed to slide down over the main storage case. You cannot pry the clear cover up and off… it is designed to slide off.It can’t be that simple you say. Well, actually, yes it can. Follow the illustrations below to help you master the technique. This technique works on the containers used for both carded and loose pack needles.

    Correct way to slide the cover:

    Incorrect way to slide the cover: