Double Eye Needle

The DOUBLE EYE NEEDLE has two eyes. Therefore, the sequence of the sewing threads is - unlike threading two threads through one eye - always determined. This is especially interesting if differently colored sewing threads are used for decorative seams (see seam example below).

When threading the sewing machine, the sewing thread spools should unwind in different directions in order to prevent the entanglement of the threads; i.e. one spool should unwind to the right, the other to the left.

The threads should be threaded through all guiding elements, respecting separation elements above the needle; see also the manual of the machine manufacturer. Insert the needle into the needle bar as far as it will go. At first try the desired decorative stitch in the smallest width and then gradually increase the width of the stitch. If the upper thread is not optimally picked up, the needle can be minimally lowered - less than 1 mm.

IMPORTANT: After that, turn the hand wheel carefully and carry out the first stitches manually. This avoids machine or needle damages. If there still is no optimal interlocking of both needle threads with the bobbin thread, the adjustment of the machine should be checked.