What Needle Should You Use?

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #62, October 2020. Written by Rita Farro.)


Rhonda Pierce casually reveals the new SCHMETZ combo packs.

What needle should you use? When sewing, quilting, or crafting, it’s a question many of us ask. Our Sewing Educator, Rhonda Pierce, always likes to say, "with SCHMETZ you have options." New SCHMETZ combo packs make needle selection easy. Eight needle assortments for different types of sewing. In this blog, you'll find one page devoted to each SCHMETZ combo pack paired with suggested fabrics. When making your needle selection, ask a couple of questions: What fabric is being sewn? What thread is being used? Does the sewing machine have an attitude? Maybe it doesn’t like a certain thread or technique. The answers determine your needle choice. Selecting the needle type & size seems like a small decision, but its impact can make a huge difference between frustration and sewing joyously without incident. Let’s sew! Click HERE to read the full story at www.issuu.com.