The Eye of the Needle

Sewing Machine Needle Eye Comparison

That’s not just a little piece of steel making your machine stitches. German engineering designs, calculates, tests, and inspects the SCHMETZ needle. Take for instance the eye . . . did you know that needles have different eye shapes? The most popular needle, the Universal, has an eye that is 40% the width of the blade. Really! There are three other needles with larger eyes, the Embroidery and even more pronounced is the elongated eye of the Metallic and Topstitch needles. Now, what does a larger eye mean? There is less friction on the thread as it passes through the eye. Ever sew with a thread that breaks or tends to shred? Guess what? Use a needle with a larger eye. If you have old thread or maybe poor quality thread, use a needle with a larger eye. The thread and needle work hard and fast. Help them out when you can with a larger eye. Sew SCHMETZ!