SCHMETZ Serger Needles


SCHMETZ Serger/Overlock Needles

Universal Household Sewing Machine Needle versus ELx705 Needle

Consult your owner’s manual! Many new sergers use home sewing needle system 130/705 H (flat shank with a scarf). SCHMETZ Stretch, Jersey, Topstitch, and Universal are popular needle choices. Some older sergers use needle systems BLX1 and DCX1. SCHMETZ Overlock Needles ELx705, ELx705CF, and ELx705CF SUK are popular serger needle systems. Check your owner’s manual! Here’s how these needles are different from home sewing needles (130/705 H):

  • Serger needles have a groove on the front and back sides of the blade to reduce skipped stitches. The second long groove is necessary to create chain stitches like overlock or coverlock stitches.
  • ELx705, ELx705CF, and ELx705CF SUK have increased strength due to a reinforced blade leading to less needle breakage and straighter stitches.
  • ELx705 and ELx705CF have a slightly rounded point for universal use.
  • ELx705CF SUK has a medium ballpoint suitable for many knit fabrics.
  • ELx705CF and ELx705CF SUK have a Chrome Finish (CF), increasing wear resistance.
  • ELx705 ZWI - Special double needle with one mounting shank. The needle is grooved in front and back. The needle is off-set with the right being slightly longer than the left. Designed for some Elna serger models.
Check your owner’s manual! SCHMETZ ELx705, ELx705CF, ELx705CF SUK, and ELx705 ZWI (for some Elna sergers) are used on overlock or coverlock machines. ELx705, Carded - ELx705, Bulk - Elx705, Bulk, Chrome - ELx705, Chrome, Loose Pack - ELx705, Chrome, SUK, Loose Pack - ELx705 ZWI, Loose Pack -