Pat Bravo - An Argentine Treasure

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #1, January 2014. Written by Rita Farro.)
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When Pat Bravo was growing up in Argentina, sewing was a normal part of her day. Schools in Argentina encourage creative art classes and she always chose stitching or sewing. At 13, she begged her mother to let her enter the two-year pattern-making/tailoring school. As a newlywed, Pat moved to New York City with her husband to expand their clothing company, Davoucci, which manufactured leather garments. For one whole year, she did not have a sewing machine. She was depressed. Then her husband gave her a Kenmore electronic sewing machine and she began sewing her son’s clothes, her own clothes, curtains, pillows. Being able to sew again gave her happiness and peace of mind. When she discovered quilting — she started to hand paint fat quarter pieces of fabric to achieve the variation and shading of color for her landscape art quilts. Her friends in the local quilting guild wanted to purchase her fabrics. CLICK HERE to read the full story.