Meg McDonald — Bona Fide Fabric Junkie

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #2, February 2014. Written by Rita Farro.)

Meg McDonald

Meg McDonald believes the way she became a sewist is fairly typical. Her grandmother introduced Meg to sewing at a young age, and then an excellent home ec teacher in eighth grade really got her hooked on it, and she sewed like crazy in her teens and in college. (With a full-time marketing job and small children, she opted to take a sewing break in her thirties.) But that’s the end of typical. What makes Meg McDonald different is that she combined her love of sewing and her interest in blogging to create her dream job. Meg handles the marketing, product and brand management, and social media for Mood Fabrics in New York City. Anybody who loves fashion sewing -— or Project Runway — would be green with envy. Fashion sewing was always her passion, so Meg was already a long-time regular customer of Mood Fabrics before she started working there two years ago. She was also the author of two blogs — Lindsay T Sews, a successful fashion sewing blog, and the Shop the Garment District blog.

Mood Sewing Network Logo

One of the very first things Meg did after joining Mood was to create the Mood Sewing Network, a collective of fashion sewing bloggers. When asked how she selects bloggers to become part of the Mood Sewing Network, she explained: “Our bloggers have already proven they can post regularly, they also take good photos, and they have to be up for challenges. Willingness to try different fabrics is important. And we strive to have a very diverse group. Our bloggers come from all over the country, with beginning to advanced sewing skills.” CLICK HERE to read the full story.