Machine Embroidery - Reen Wilcoxson

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #90, June 2021. Written by Rita Farro.) Reen Wilcoxson Machine Embroidery - Reen Wilcoxson

Reen Wilcoxson was featured in Issue #40 of SCHMETZ Inspired To Sew magazine. That issue was all about In The Hoop (ITH) embroidery designs, and Reen is considered THE EXPERT in this exciting machine embroidery specialty. ITH designs are ones where you create a 3D item like a purse, wallet, keyring, etc. in the hoop of your embroidery machine. Designs are created in steps with stops. When the machine stops you add fabric, trim, manipulate fabrics, etc. When the design is finished it’s trimmed and turned to the right side as if you had sewn it using a sewing machine. Although nobody knows for sure who invented ITH, there is no doubt that Reen Wilcoxson is a pioneer in the field. Reen designs and sells in the hoop machine embroidery files online through her website, She does all the designing, digitizing, instructions, web page work, and advertising herself. Like many entrepreneurs in the sewing industry, she does not have a staff, although, she does have many testers. Reen says It’s important for me to have testers who stitch my designs and go over the instructions for accuracy. Their feedback is invaluable; because even though I always know where I’m headed with a new project, I need to be sure the directions are clear enough so that every home embroiderer will achieve the desired result.