Coping with the Pandemic - Pati Palmer

Pati Palmer

My COVID experience was a bit unusual. Paul and I went to Mexico in early March. My daughter, Melissa Watson, asked if she and her husband could get out of NYC and stay in our Portland condo while we were gone. Of course! We wanted them to be safe. After a month, our resort closed and we flew home. But, we were homeless, as Melissa and Roland now occupied our one-bedroom condo. My friend Marta Alto gave us the keys to her Cannon Beach cabin where we were for nearly two months. So what to do when you have no sewing supplies or machines? Paul was reading a book called How Not to Die and decided he wanted to try being a vegetarian. I ordered three vegetarian cookbooks from Amazon and started sorting out how to do that. I've never wanted to eat this way nor try. But, when you have prostate cancer, (that is, my husband), you take a doctor's advice and give a plant-based diet a chance. What I learned is that you can make the tastiest and most colorful meals on earth using only plants. After three months, Paul and I are back home, Melissa and Roland are back in New York City. I discovered a nearby New Seasons grocery, which is now my go-to store for organics and vegan products. If you can't wait to read the individual stories, you can view SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #79 by CLICKING HERE.