Coping with the Pandemic - Mary Mulari

After Rhonda Pierce described this Life Shift as a “gift of time,” I thought about one thing I like to do when I have free time. It used to be on a long plane flight when I’d take out a note-card or two to write to a friend or family member. Now I have TIME to write to lots of people while seated at my table at home! It’s a pleasure to have nice note-cards, paper, and postcards and a smooth flowing pen. My personal philosophy is that a handwritten note sent in the mail is ALWAYS welcome, and often a wonderful surprise because we just don’t receive them very often anymore. And, handwritten thank you notes are the best way to be positively memorable in the mind of the recipient. (If I was asked to give a graduation speech, that’s what I’d share.) So I’ve written to most of the people in my address book. A letter or note is a gift and shouldn’t be sent with any expectations, but I have happily received a few letters in return. In fact, if you write to me, I’ll send you a note in return on a card from my vast collection of stationery. Box 87, Aurora MN 55705. If you can't wait to read the individual stories, you can view SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #79 by CLICKING HERE.