Coping with the Pandemic - Kenneth D. King

Being lock-downed in New York City found me doing many different things:

  • Teaching online to finish up classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology,
  • Recording episodes of my podcast,
  • Writing an article on the flange shoulder for Threads Magazine,
  • Making myself a copy of a jacket I had loved and lost,
  • Preparing video lessons for my fall classes at FIT.
But most importantly, it showed me the value of having an assistant. (if you follow Kenneth, you know his assistant is a Barbie doll). My assistant has been working by remote video with my customers, creating the couture they need. Our circle of customers and friends have been going on with their lives while social distancing. I watch their activities with enjoyment. For those who don’t watch my Instagram account (kennethdking), I sew couture Barbie clothes to stave off panic attacks. Focusing on a tiny garment allows me to tune out all of the mayhem that surrounds me. If you can't wait to read the individual stories, you can view SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #79 by CLICKING HERE.