Coping with the Pandemic - Judy Kessinger

I found my bread machine, I am sorry to say. I had no idea how much I still enjoy making bread. Since the calories added up, walking was the next “step” in my quarantined life. We moved to a new development last year and it has been fun to see the transformation up close. Zoom has become a big part of my personal and teaching life. Just learning to adapt from standing in front of ladies to doing demonstrations online has been a challenge. Ladies are loving the new instructions or reviewing what they learned before. This is one part of the quarantine I will keep. I have enjoyed hearing so many fantastic comments from ladies that could never attend one of my classes in person. I figured out how to do my “one lady fashion show” and that was always my favorite part. During this time, I was able to start on Book Three! My husband and I got to bond with our new grand-baby because my son, Matt, does Good-Morning and Good-Night Facetimes with us. I really think she knows our voices and faces. We are blessed! If you can't wait to read the individual stories, you can view SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #79 by CLICKING HERE.