Who is Deanna Springer?

Celebrating Nancy Zieman Exhibit,
Winneconne WI, 2019.

Millions all around the world think of Nancy Zieman every time they sit down at their sewing machine. We welcomed her into our homes, and she became our trusted friend who patiently taught us everything we wanted to know.

It is impossible to measure the scope or depth of Nancy Zieman’s influence in the sewing world. Nancy died from cancer in November, 2017, but her impact didn’t stop then.

Because of the popularity of Sewing With Nancy, every newcomer in the sewing industry came knocking on her door. Nancy had a special gift for recognizing talent, and for 30 years, she laid out the welcome mat and opened her door for scores of sewing speakers, pattern designers, quilt teachers and fashion sewists hoping to make their mark. If there was a “Who’s Who” in the Sewing Industry, 90% of the “Sewing Stars” listed would credit Nancy Zieman with giving them their first big break.

Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman on set.

For example, Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine, has become one of the world’s foremost, well respected authorities on sewing machine embroidery.

“Nancy catapulted my career and business into existence. Appearing on Sewing With Nancy put Designs in Machine Embroidery on the map. Our almost 20-year relationship evolved from strictly business to a cherished friendship. I learned how to focus on the customer, identify consumer needs and find the ‘hole’ in the marketplace. Personally, she taught me how to develop strong business relationships that truly benefited both parties, how to juggle home life with business responsibilities, how to take pride in work, how to overcome shortcomings and how to trust in the Lord. Nancy was a born leader but at her core, she was a kind, Christian woman, and I was honored to know her.”

Mary Mulari and Nancy Zieman on set.

As Nancy’s most frequent guest on Sewing With Nancy, Mary Mulari became one of the most popular speakers in the sewing industry. She presents seminars to sold-out audiences at sewing guilds, shops, and the largest consumer sewing shows all over the country. She’s written dozens of bestselling books on various sewing topics, machine appliqué, designer sweatshirts, recycling, quick gifts, and, most recently, her clever reversible apron patterns.

“I met Nancy when she taught evening sewing classes through Community Education in northern Minnesota. She lived in my neck of the woods for about three years. After she moved back to Wisconsin, I sent my first collection of Designer Sweatshirts and she showed them on her cable television program. And from there, the rest is history, and I was launched into the sewing biz.

Nancy invited me to be her guest on Sewing With Nancy and encouraged me to develop new topics and projects for television and for my own publications. She invited me to teach at Nancy’s Notions Sewing Weekend and suggested that I apply to teach at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup WA. She’s responsible for anything good in my sewing reputation. That I can also call her my friend is more than a bonus.”

Deanna Springer moves
Nancy Zieman Productions forward.

We’ll never know the full measure of Nancy’s inspiration within the sewing industry, but one thing is clear: The Nancy Zieman brand has gone on. Nancy always said,

“The proverb ‘it takes a village’ applies to life in general. My village is a tight-knit group of talented people who have worked with me over many decades.

My TV program should be called, Sewing With Nancy, Donna, Pat, Laure, Kate, Diane, Deanna, Lois, Sharen, Gail, and Erica. They comprised the dedicated village that shares a love of sewing and quilting. To them I extend my appreciation and give a heartfelt thank you for being loyal members of my team and great friends.”

The good news is that Nancy’s village has been splendidly carrying on with her brand.

One of Nancy’s unique skills was picking the right people for the job at hand. And the person now driving the Nancy Zieman brand is Deanna Springer.

So, who is Deanna Springer?

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