What’s YOUR Favorite Needle Type?

Need a needle?  How many times have you rushed into a store for needles, only to stop in awe – confounded by all the needle choices?  Really, how many needles types are there? Do I need the regular SCHMETZ® or the new SCHMETZ® Chrome Needle?  Does needle type really matter?  Because you’re thinking, I just want a needle to finish my project.  I hear you!  Let’s look at all the types of needles and their sizes available for your home sewing machine.

What's Your Favorite SCHMETZ® Needle? 

Yes, you have choices, not only in needle type, but needle size, and finish.  Many times, but not always the needle name also suggests project usage too.  So what is YOUR favorite needle type?




  1. P Godfrey says:

    I have switched from Universal needles to Sharp needles – now I see there is no Sharp listed needle; do I just use the Microtex needles instead? For piecing of a quilt, the Universal needles were miserable!; now I can rely on the stitches lining up precisely in an accurate row.

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