What Do Those Numbers Mean?

What Do Those Numbers Mean?
How to Read the Needle Package.

Home sewing machines require a needle with a flat shank and a scarf – that little indentation above the eye on the back side of the needle. Needles with a flat shank and a scarf are identified as needle system 130/705 H. There are over 7,000 needle systems throughout the world. Thankfully, 99% of home sewing machines use 130/705H.







  1. Eddy Gruber says

    What is the purpose for the groove above the needle eye on an ELx 705

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      The ELx705 has a second groove which is a characteristic of overlock needles. It helps to keep the thread tension low. Otherwise, the basic dimensions of the ELx705 and the Universal Needle 130/705 H are the same.

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