Needle Anatomy

Needle Identification

What Do Those Numbers Mean?
How to Read the Needle Package.

Home sewing machines require a needle with a flat shank and a scarf – that little indentation above the eye on the back side of the needle. Needles with a flat shank and a scarf are identified as needle system 130/705 H. There are over 7,000 needle systems throughout the world. Thankfully, 99% of home sewing machines use 130/705H.




Do SCHMETZ Needles Work With My Machine?

What Machines Work with SCHMETZ Needles?

SCHMETZ works with all these sewing machine brands! SCHMETZ engineers work with sewing machine manufacturers around the world to ensure that the SCHMETZ needle performs properly in your home sewing, embroidery and quilting machines. Most home machines use needle system 130/705 H, so check your machine’s owner’s manual or ask your machine dealer.



What’s Your Favorite Needle?

No matter what you sew or what your skill level, SCHMETZ has a needle for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different needle type. You’ll be glad you did. Break out of your comfort zone and gain new skills and experience.

What's Your Favorite SCHMETZ Needle?


Which needle is your favorite for piecing quilts?

Which SCHMETZ needle is your favorite for piecing quilts?

Use SCHMETZ Chrome for smoother stitching.

Why Chrome?

· Less friction on thread passing through eye ·
· Penetrates fabric with less resistance ·
· Smoother stitch creation ·
· Resists hear for improved durability & performance ·
· A premium performance needle ·

SCHMETZ Chrome is available in eight needle types in a variety of sizes.

Available online at
or at local quilt shops and sewing machine dealers.