Julianne Donofrio – Award-Winning Documentary Producer

Julianne DonofrioWhy does that barn have a giant painted Quilt Block? What is a Quilt Trail?

Pieced Together - A Film by Julianne DonofrioDo you remember your first time? You were driving along and suddenly, you passed a barn with a giant painted Quilt Block! When did this start happening? What is a Quilt Trail? How many are there? Is this an organized thing? Who made the first one? And why? These may be questions you’ve asked yourself in the last couple of years, as the phenomenon of Quilt Blocks on Barns has been spreading across the country . . . .

But, whereas most of us are content to ask each other these questions, Julianne Donofrio decided to dig a little deeper. The award-winning documentary producer spent six years making Pieced Together, a documentary about Donna Sue Groves from Adams County, Ohio. And it should be no surprise that the phenomenon of Quilt Blocks on barns began, like every good thing in the history of the world, as one woman’s idea . . . in this case, Donna Sue Groves.

Kinder Farm Park Barn QuiltRecently, Rhonda Pierce and Rita Farro had the opportunity to attend the Iowa Premiere of Pieced Together in Winterset, Iowa, the home of the Iowa Quilt Museum. Meeting Julianne Donofrio for the first time was like getting together with a cousin you didn’t know you had. She brings her own comfort level into the room, and into every conversation. You feel connected, but she is more interested in hearing YOUR story than in sharing her own. However, we were determined to find out how a person becomes an Award-Winning Documentary Producer . . . .

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