How to Read the Needle Package

How to read the SCHMETZ Needle Package.

What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Home sewing machines require a needle with a flat shank and a scarf – that little indentation above the eye on the back side of the needle. Needles with a flat shank and a scarf are identified as needle system 130/705 H. There are over 7,000 needle systems throughout the world. Thankfully, 99% of home sewing machines use 130/705H.




How To Read The Needle Pack: Review

There’s a lot of info printed on that little SCHMETZ needle pack.  After the last three posts these numbers should no longer be a mystery!

needle_identification-origHere’s a quick review using a different pack of needles:

  • Size:  This is a multi-size pack of 70/10, 80/12 & 90/14. See the color bands for different needle sizes.
  • System:  These needles are system 130/705 H, so we know they are used by home sewing machines.  130/705 H is a flat shank needle with a scarf.
  • Type:  Most needle types have two color bands – the upper band for needle type and the lower band for size.  The Universal needle is an exception and has only one color band for needle size.  Print out the SCHMETZ Color Chart for easy reference.

More helpful needle basics in the next posting.

How To Read The Needle Package: Needle Type

On the package above the size and needle system lines, the needle type is printed.  This is a pack of embroidery needles.  Now that needles are color coded you can also see through the packaging the top band of color.  Red is an embroidery needle. 


SCHMETZ manufacturers 16 needle types so you can select the best needle for your project and technique.  Take a look at the list of needle types in the earlier post dated November 18th, 2013.  There’s a reason SCHMETZ makes so many needle types. . .  using the appropriate needle type really does make a difference in stitch quality.

The next post will be a quick review of the needle package.