Jeannette Kitlan – Getting Kids to Sew

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #65, May 2019. Written by Rita Farro.)

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you LOVE TO SEW.

You love fabrics. You love sewing. Now the question is, how to pass along your passion to a new generation? Technology, communications, education, well, the whole world has changed, so kids approach sewing from a different perspective. Enter the fabulous Jeannette Kitlan with Hello Sewing World. With Jeannette’s teaching experience and savvy quilt shop entrepreneur acumen, Jeannette stepped up and created a fun and colorful program to get kids excited about sewing.

Long gone are the days of sewing a traditional apron or skirt. Jeannette’s Hello Sewing World program is the colorful roadmap with kids giddy to sew.

Kids treasure creative time, especially with you at their side. Sewing together creates cherished memories.

Sewing is a very unique hobby because it is different things for different people. Think about it. Your particular sewing jam could be fashion sewing, home dec, competitive art quilts, quick gifts, ragged edge flannel blankets, or sewing pillowcases for the children’s ward at your local hospital.

Sewing is the ultimate snowflake hobby…because no two sewing enthusiasts are the same. Each one of us is unique and individual in what we choose to sew.

There is no question that sewing brings great joy, satisfaction, and purpose to our lives. The burning question, the one that keeps Jeannette Kitlan up at night, is why haven’t we been able to pass this wonderful hobby on to the next generation?

Why aren’t more kids sewing?

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