Which Needle Should I Use for Embroidery?

SCHMETZ Embroidery Needles

SCHMETZ gives you options! SCHMETZ Embroidery needles are available in two sizes,
75/11 & 90/14. Also available are Embroidery Twins in sizes 2.0/70 & 3.0/75.
Shadow embroidery anyone? Embroidery needles have an widened eye & groove, which
means less friction on the thread as it passes through the eye. The finishes of
SCHMETZ Gold Titanium Nitrite and Chrome Professional Grade needles resist wear
and heat allowing the needle to glide smoothly through adhesives with slower
gummy build up. Experiment! Discover your favorite SCHMETZ Embroidery needle.


Wondering which needle to use for machine embroidery?


The first “go to” is the SCHMETZ Embroidery needle, but sometimes due to the fabric and thread combinations a Metallic, Topstitch or Microtex may be warranted.

Did you know that little needle gets plenty hot when working so hard? Then when combined with sticky adhesives, the needle tends to gum up. One solution is SCHMETZ Gold with the Titanium Nitride coating that helps keep the needle cool. A cooler needle will not gum up as quickly. If your first needle choice does not produce the results you want, don’t be afraid to try a different needle type.  You are investing time and love into your project, so get the results you want.

SCHMETZ gives you needle options for machine embroidery.