Household Needles, Q&A – Part 3

Can You Explain the Letters that Follow 130/705 H-?

Each type of SCHMETZ household needle has it’s own designation. Here is a table of the household needle types and their needle system designations that will help you understand the code behind the letters that follow 130/705 H:

Household Needle Systems
130/705 H Universal Needle (also known as 15×1 H)
130/705 H-SUK Jersey/Ball Point Needle
705 DE Double Eye Needle
130/705 H-E Embroidery Needle
130/705 H-E ZWI Embroidery Twin Needle
130/705 H-ET Embroidery Gold Needle
WING 130/705 H Hemstitch Needle
ZWIHO 130/705 H Double Hemstitch Needle
HLx5 High Speed Professional Quilter’s Machine Needles
130/705 H-J Jeans/Denim Needle
130/705 H-J ZWI Jeans/Denim Twin Needle
130/705 H LL Leather Needle (also known as 15x2NTW)
130 MET Metallic Needle
130 MET ZWI Metallic Twin Needle
130/705 H-M Microtex Needle
130/705 H-SU NonStick Needle
705 HDK Quick Threading
130/705 H-Q Quilting Needle
130/705 H-S Stretch Needle
130/705 H-S ZWI Stretch Twin Needle
130 N Topstitch Needle
130/705 H DRI Triple Needle
130/705 H ZWI Twin Needle
Other Popular Needle Systems
Your manual should specify that your machine requires the following needles.
705 B Bernina
BLx1 Overlock
DCx1 Overlock
ELx705 ELx705 Serger/Overlock
ELX705 ZWI Elna Elx705 Double Needle
ELx705 CF Elx705 Regular Point Chrome Finish Needles
ELx705 SUK CF Elx705 Medium Ball Point Chrome Finish Needles
HAx1 SP Universal Special Point Machine Needles

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Household Needles, Q&A – Part 1

Throughout the years, we have written, illustrated and spoken about what the information on the plastic container of SCHMETZ Household Needles signifies. Our own Rhonda Pierce presents needle classes at many events (quilt shows, guilds, stores, etc.) that takes away the mystery and explains the different SCHMETZ needles available and how to identify and use them.

However, for those of you not lucky enough to attend one of her classes, there are still many questions (and some confusion) about the different types of needles available. Over the next several weeks, we will be presenting more in-depth information along with answers to some of the questions that have been popping up lately.


Will SCHMETZ Needles Work in My Sewing Machine?

Yes, if your household sewing machine requires needle system 130/705 H (or 15×1 H), you can use SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine Needles.


What Does 130/705 H Mean?

130/705 H (also known as 15×1 H) is the needle system for the majority of household sewing machines

Contrary to popular belief, “H” does NOT stand for household.
H = Hohlkehle in German, which means “with scarf.”


SCHMETZ Color Code Chart

Click image to download chart.

Why Do My SCHMETZ Needles Have Different Color Bands?

In 2014, SCHMETZ introduced color coding for most of their household needles. The colors identify the needle type and size. This was a time-saver (okay, maybe a life-saver) for sewing enthusiasts everywhere. No longer did they have to worry about mixing up their needles. They could now identify needles easily by glancing at the color code(s) on the shank of the needle.


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Needle Anatomy

How To Read The Needle Pack: Review

There’s a lot of info printed on that little SCHMETZ needle pack.  After the last three posts these numbers should no longer be a mystery!

needle_identification-origHere’s a quick review using a different pack of needles:

  • Size:  This is a multi-size pack of 70/10, 80/12 & 90/14. See the color bands for different needle sizes.
  • System:  These needles are system 130/705 H, so we know they are used by home sewing machines.  130/705 H is a flat shank needle with a scarf.
  • Type:  Most needle types have two color bands – the upper band for needle type and the lower band for size.  The Universal needle is an exception and has only one color band for needle size.  Print out the SCHMETZ Color Chart for easy reference.

More helpful needle basics in the next posting.

How To Read The Needle Package: System

Home sewing machines use needle system 130/705 H130/705 refers to a needle with a flat shank.  “H” refers to a German word Hohlkehle that translates to scarf, otherwise known as that little indentation located on the back side of the needle above the eye.  That’s right. . .  there’s a little indentation built into the back of the needle. . . . and it is important.  If flat shank and scarf are new to you, stay tuned, needle anatomy will be covered in an upcoming post.


Lucky for us. . . . nearly all home sewing machines use needle system 130/705 H. . . that’s machines from Baby Lock, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Husqvarna Viking, Janome, Juki, Pfaff, Singer, White and more.  Know that machine companies sometimes manufacture specialty machines – sashiko, felting or other models – that require a different needle system, so check your owner’s manual or talk to your machine dealer.  

There are nearly 7,000 different needle systems available for sewing machines throughout the world.  That’s a lot!  Don’t let this scare you because most of those needle systems are for commercial and industrial machines. So the very good news is that 99% of home sewing machines use needle system 130/705 H.

130/705 H is a flat shank needle with a scarf (indentation). 

In the next post the last bit of info on the package will be covered:  Needle Type.