Why is the Topstitch Needle Identified as 130 N?

A few months ago, we discussed the numbering system of household sewing machine needles. The majority are known as 130/705 H needles:   130/705 H (Universal), 130/705 H-E (Embroidery), 130/705 H-Q (Quilting), etc. However, the SCHMETZ Topstitch Needle does not follow that numbering convention. It is known as 130 N. How come?

Here’s the reason according to Jose Reyes of SCHMETZ USA:

Years ago … many years ago …

Domestic machines were sold to customers with two common systems, 130 or 705. Mechanically, these old machines were sold with Rotary Hooks, Shuttle Hooks, or Shuttles. Due to these three differences on the hooks, the point of the old needle and the scarf of the old needle had to be manufactured with different specs. Indeed, these two systems were very similar, but not the same. Years later, sewing machine changes and design forced a unification of these two needle systems.

Today, modern sewing machine are sold with new rotary hooks or a modified shuttle hook, making these differences on the needles not necessary, or critical, to the sewing operation.

The new unified system takes in consideration both old systems (130 & 705), and takes the best specs from both needles to form a new one. This new needle is capable of working with new machines as well with some old machines. The new needle system is called “Universal” or “130/705 H.”  The “H,” in the new system,  indicates that these needles have a flat on the shank.

So, back to the “130 N.” This is an old designation from the system “130.” It has a shorter point and an oversized eye, and is capable of working well in both machines, old and new.

So . . . now you know.


Household Needles, Q&A – Part 3

Can You Explain the Letters that Follow 130/705 H-?

Each type of SCHMETZ household needle has it’s own designation. Here is a table of the household needle types and their needle system designations that will help you understand the code behind the letters that follow 130/705 H:

Household Needle Systems
130/705 H Universal Needle (also known as 15×1 H)
130/705 H-SUK Jersey/Ball Point Needle
705 DE Double Eye Needle
130/705 H-E Embroidery Needle
130/705 H-E ZWI Embroidery Twin Needle
130/705 H-ET Embroidery Gold Needle
WING 130/705 H Hemstitch Needle
ZWIHO 130/705 H Double Hemstitch Needle
HLx5 High Speed Professional Quilter’s Machine Needles
130/705 H-J Jeans/Denim Needle
130/705 H-J ZWI Jeans/Denim Twin Needle
130/705 H LL Leather Needle (also known as 15x2NTW)
130 MET Metallic Needle
130 MET ZWI Metallic Twin Needle
130/705 H-M Microtex Needle
130/705 H-SU NonStick Needle
705 HDK Quick Threading
130/705 H-Q Quilting Needle
130/705 H-S Stretch Needle
130/705 H-S ZWI Stretch Twin Needle
130 N Topstitch Needle
130/705 H DRI Triple Needle
130/705 H ZWI Twin Needle
Other Popular Needle Systems
Your manual should specify that your machine requires the following needles.
705 B Bernina
BLx1 Overlock
DCx1 Overlock
ELx705 ELx705 Serger/Overlock
ELX705 ZWI Elna Elx705 Double Needle
ELx705 CF Elx705 Regular Point Chrome Finish Needles
ELx705 SUK CF Elx705 Medium Ball Point Chrome Finish Needles
HAx1 SP Universal Special Point Machine Needles

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