Sewing & Quilting Retreats, Part 5

An Interview with Laura Mendoza
Attendee, Pierce County CTA Sewing Retreat

An Interview with Laura Mendoza Attendee, Pierce County CTA Sewing RetreatHow long have you been doing your Sewing Retreat? My first one was 11 years ago at this same location.

Does it have a formal name? Pierce County CTA Sewing Retreat.

Is it always scheduled for the same time every year? Until this year, it had been the first weekend of February. We changed it to 4th weekend of March for better weather conditions……and it snowed this year.

How many people participate? 30-40. We have 39 hotel-style rooms with private baths. Each room has a queen bed and bunk beds, table/chairs, all linens. So if we go over 39, people need to share a room. The conference room where we sew really only can hold about 42 and all our stuff.

Who can attend? It’s for Pierce County CTAs first. After they have signed up, then we open to other counties CTAs and to friends. We always have Pat & Shirley from Snohomish County CTAs attend. My BFF has attended a few times too. Others have invited friends from other groups like ASG.

How long does it last? Friday at 9:00 AM to Sunday at 3:00 PM.

What does it cost? This year was $240. Our price hasn’t gone up much, as we stay at the same location. Ten years ago it was about $200.

Have you always used the same facility? For at least the past 11-12 years.

Does everybody bring their own equipment and/or projects? Yes. However, the retreat center provides all the tables and chairs. Most of us do bring our own chairs anyways. Three attendees will bring big ironing boards and irons for all to use. We elevate two of the banquet tables to use as a cutting center. Most of us get an entire 6 ft table for our own use. We usually group them together in groupings of 2-4 tables. The center also provides coffee/tea, industrial size coffee maker, microwave, small fridge, and there’s a sink in the conference room.

Do you all work on the same project? Sometimes a group project idea is set up that people have the option to do. Like this year, about 10 learned how to ice dye. Other years groups have done 60 degree table runners, pillowcases for charity, aprons.

Do you have Sew & Shares? Saturday night at 7:30 PM.

Do you have guest speakers? No.

How do you handle the meals? The retreat center has a separate dining hall and they cook yummy meals for us. We get dinner Friday, all three meals on Saturday, and breakfast/lunch on Sunday. They cook a great variety of quality meals. Every year, it’s different. Breakfast can be eggs/bacon/potatoes one day and French toast and sausage on the other. There’s also cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, bagels, and fruit. Lunch is usually homemade soup on one day in bread bowls. The other day might be sandwiches, Asian wraps, taco salad, etc. And there is always a nice salad bar too. Dinners have been pot roast, pasta, tacos, baked potato bar. This year we had Greek-inspired dinner one night. On Friday, we are on our own for lunch, so many of us go to the local historic café bakery about 15 minutes down the road.


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