Sewing & Quilting Retreats, Part 2

#2: Private GROUP Retreat

Clothing and Textile Advisors 2018 Retreat

Clothing and Textile Advisors
2018 Retreat

Just about every ASG and quilt guild in America has an annual “Retreat” for their members. The clubs and guilds rent the space and arrange meals. Expenses are calculated and the attendees pay their share.

A good example of this kind of retreat is the CTA Retreat. The Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington is staffed by a devoted corps of volunteers — the Clothing and Textile Advisors (CTA’s). Every year, the CTA’s have an annual sewing retreat after the show. They rent the beautiful, spacious lodge at the Black Diamond Camp near Ranier, Washington. The center has a separate dining hall which provides most of their delicious meals. (

The CTA Retreat starts Friday morning, and goes through Sunday afternoon. The cost is $240 per person, and they have about 40 attendees. Everybody brings their own equipment and projects. Sometimes an optional group project idea is set up. This year, about ten of the attendees learned how to ice dye. The group does a Sew & Share on Saturday night.

Connie T: “The Best Thing is being able to get away for a weekend with my CTA Crew in a relaxed fun setting. No worries of cooking, no worries of real life. Just us and our sewing machines and all the laughter and chatter.”


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