Sewing & Quilting Retreats, Part 1

#1: Private and Small

Sewing and quilting retreats are happening in every state, every city and town in the country. They are taking place in urban lofts, church basements, log cabins, mansions, remodeled barns and luxury cruise ships. They’re everywhere! A retreat can be a few friends getting together in their local library for a day of sewing, or a large group of quilters spending a week on board a Caribbean cruise ship. Regardless of the size or the location — retreat attendees have one thing in common — their LOVE OF SEWING. The wild popularity of sewing and quilting retreats is really no big mystery. Chicago Cub fans like to hang out with each other — and quilters enjoy spending time with other quilters.

Retreats are like snowflakes — NO TWO ARE ALIKE. It would be completely unfair for us to attempt to make a list of the “Best Sewing Retreats in America.” To help you figure out what retreat best fits your needs, let’s talk about your options . . . .

Johnston Girls Retreat

Johnston Girls Retreat

Obviously, the Private and Small Retreat is the most affordable type of retreat, but you won’t find it on the internet. This is the DO-IT-YOURSELF option. You get together with your friends, find a suitable space, and divide the expenses. Each attendee brings their own sewing machines, tools, fabric and projects.

Once a month, this kind of DIY Retreat happens in Bettendorf, Iowa. The TMBC (Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club) is a small group of Featherweight Fanatics. Rita Farro and three of her friends rent a conference room at their library for $5 a day. They start sewing at 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM when the library closes. “We all look forward to having an entire day together to laugh and sew. We bring our Featherweights and work on our individual projects. It is amazing how much sewing we get done with one long day of uninterrupted FOCUS.”

To set up your own day-retreat, all you need is a big space with no interruptions. Consider a church basement, a community hall or a hotel conference room. You could potluck the food, but since a big part of the JOY of a retreat is NOT COOKING — you could just have pizza delivered.


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