Sewing Machine Needle: Does SCHMETZ Work With My Machine?

Wondering if SCHMETZ needles work with your home sewing machine?

Machine_LogosSCHMETZ works with all these machine brands!  SCHMETZ 130/705 H – see the October 8th post if you need a refresher on the meaning of 130/705 H –  is compatible with all these home sewing machine brands in the marketplace.  That’s a relief!  There are a few older Singer machines that require a different needle system, plus a few specialty machines such as needle felting and sashiko machines that do not use SCHMETZ 130/705 H needles.  SCHMETZ engineers work with sewing machine manufacturers around the world to ensure that the SCHMETZ needle performs properly in your home sewing, embroidery and quilting machines. 


  1. Roxanne Guadagno says:

    Which schmetzneedle could I use as a replacement for a singer 2045 needle size 11 or 14? It is for a singer ultralock 14u64a.

  2. Hey, will Schmetz 16/100 Denim needles fit my Singer 4423? I have seen a comment saying that it isn’t compatible in this blog. Thanks

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      It appears your Singer 4423 uses regular household sewing machine needles, system 130/705 H (also known as 15×1 H). So yes, you can uses Denim needles size 100/16.

  3. I have a White Quilter Star 1780: Express Threading System. Will the Schmetz Leather needles fit my machine?

  4. Hello, I have a Singer 4613 machine, and a White 1523 machine. Can I use Schmetz Stretch Twin Needles for both or either one of these machines? Thanks

  5. Karen Morey says:

    Some Schmetz packages have a G in the upper right hand corner; some have an F. What is the difference?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      SCHMETZ carded needles are sold as un-priced goods. On the front of each carded needle is an alphabetical code that corresponds to the retail price (i.e., A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K). The letters following the numbers signify the needle system and the type of point:

      130/705 H = Universal Needle
      130/705 H-S = Stretch Needle
      130/705 H SUK = Jersey/Ball Point Needle
      130/705 H-J = Jeans/Denim Needle
      130/705 HLL = Leather Needle
      130/705 H-M = Microtex/Sharp Needle
      130/705 H-Q = Quilting Needle
      130/705 H-E = Embroidery Needle
      130/705 H-ET = Embroidery Gold Needle
      130 MET = Metallic Needle
      130 N – Topstitch Needle
      130/705 H WING = Hemstitch Needle
      705 DE – Double Eye Needle
      705 HDK = Quick Threading Needle
      130/705 H-SU = Super NonStick Needle

      • I have a 1906 Singer can I use the 130/705H needle?

        • SCHMETZneedles says:

          Don’t have enough information to give you an answer. Do you have a model number? If this is an industrial machine then the answer is no, needle system 130/705 H will not work. Industrial machines use needles with a round shank. Household sewing machines use needles with a flat shank. Without the model number, I’m not willing to even guess which needle you need.

  6. Barbara Love says:

    Can I use the Schmetz 130/705 H-J Jeans/Denim needle on my Singer Quantum Stylist 9960? Can you explain the significance of those letters and numbers H-J? Thank you!

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, you can use 130/705 H-J needles in your Singer 9960. The most used needle system for household machines is 130/705 H (H = Hohlkehle, the German word for “with scarf”). All needles of system 130/705 H have a flattened shank for perfect positioning of the needle in the needle bar and in relation to the point of the hook. The letter “J” signifies that this is a Denim/Jeans needle.

  7. Brenda Driedger says:

    I have a Bernina 710…2011 model with a stitch regulator for quilting…9mm maximum stitch width model. Can I use SchmetzHLx5 High Speed needles with my machine…one package of needles is 75/11 and the other is 90/14

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, you can use the HLx5. HLx5 has a 2 mm shank diameter, which is slightly thinner than the Universal Needle (shank diameter of 2,04 mm). The eye area has a different design from the Universal needle which helps to avoid skipped stitches. The HLx5 has a chrome plating which is beneficial for high sewing speed.

  8. I have a New Home NLB. The owners manual says to use CC1221. I’ve been told 38Y1/40F1 can be used. I can’t find any of these short needles.
    Do you make these? I can’t imagine I’m the only one with an older machine that uses them.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you. I checked with the SCHMETZ technicians, they are unfamiliar with this older sewing machine. They cannot find any cross reference to CC1221 or 38Y1/40F1.

  9. I have a Necchi ex30. Can I use Schmetz 130/705H-J 100/16 needles?
    Thank you!

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes. Prior to starting your project, always test the needle size on a small scrap of the fabric that will be used for actual sewing.

  10. I am using my Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 910 serger with Schmetz Universal 130/705H 15x1H 80/12 needles. I recently attempted to change them to a Schmetz stretch 130/705 H-S 75/11. When I then tried to stitch it wouldn’t completely reach through the fabric to pull the thread through so I was left with one thread completely unconnected and sitting on top.
    Is there a size difference between these needles or any reason why it wouldn’t work to use the stretch needles in that serger? Is there any difference between these needles at all besides what fabric they are designed for? Or perhaps they somehow got bent in transportation? Any help is appreciated .

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      I checked with one of the SCHMETZ technicians. Here is his response: “Check machine for proper threading diagram. I think she has a problem with the threading of the machine here. If the thread is not pulling up, the thread has no tension to form the stitch.”

      • Okay, I also measured my Schmetz needles and there is a slight length difference in the needles .020 of an inch shorter for the stretch needles. Is that normal?

  11. For a Singer S16 Studio, could I replace HLx5 needles with Microtex needles size 60/70 for sewing fine silk chiiffon at the lowest speed?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      You probably shouldn’t. The HLx5 needle is a special needle for high sewing speeds. SCHMETZ always recommends that customers only use the needle type which is mentioned in the machine manual. The use of a different needle system might result in skipped stitches, needle or thread breakage, and in the worst case scenario, machine damage.

  12. HI! I have a Singer Overlock machine (Serger): Ultralock 14U234. It says I need type 2054 neeldes, 10-14. What Schmetz needles should I buy? I need the ball point ones.

  13. Michelle hawlk says:

    What SCHMETZ needle can I use for my Baby Lock Evolution serger?

  14. I just borrowed my mom’s Kenmore 158.1504 machine in hopes of doing a sewing project with it. Is there a SCHMETZ needle that will work with this? Also–I’m sewing through nylon strap that has been glued to industrial loop velcro. Any tips? This will be my first sewing project in nearly over years! 🙂

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Your Kenmore 158.1504 uses household sewing machine needles (system 130/705 H, also known as 15×1). You should be able to use any SCHMETZ Household Needle. Unfortunately, sewing through nylon strap, glue and industrial loop velcro is going to be a challenge. We would recommend the new Super NonStick Needle. It is designed for use when sewing with stabilizer, adhesive, or self-adhesive hook and loop tape. It is manufactured with an anti-adhesive coating (NIT), an extra large eye, distinctive scarf and a reinforced blade.

  15. Rosetang says:

    Can I use the Schmetz Embroidery Twin Needle 2,0/75 on my Brother LK14S? The manual says you have to use their specific Brother twin needle 2.0/75 or it could break your machine but I can’t find it available to buy anywhere. Thanks.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, SCHMETZ needles have the same specs. You can use the SCHMETZ Embroidery Twin Needle 2,0/75 needle with no problems, as long as, the distance between needles is not larger than 2.00 mm.

  16. Marcia Rowell says:

    I have a pack of Schmetz needles labeled as follows: Stepp-Nadel Quilting Needle, 130/705 H-Q. This is a different label than my others. I want to know if these can be used in only my Viking Mega Quilter, or if they can also be used in my Janome QCP 8900. The Viking is an older, mechanical machine and I normally use System HL x 5 needles in the Viking. Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Needle System 130/705 H-Q is a household needle and has a shank diameter of 1.63mm. Needle system HLx5, while similar to 130/705 H, does have some differences . . . primarily in the diameter of the shank. HLx5 is a chrome-shank needle designed specifically for high-speed professional quilting machines (i.e., Janome 1600 P series, etc.). This needle features a short shank and a slightly rounded needle point with a shank diameter of 2.0mm.

  17. Pat Tashiro says:

    Hello, I just purchased a Pfaff 260 machine manufactured in 1960. It has a Pfaff-branded needle with a flat edge in the back of the shank which is almost identical to your 130/705 needles. Can I use your needles on this machine? If so, when sewing on a thin cotton batiste fabric, should I use a #70 needle? Or is that too narrow, and is a #80 needle better? I am using regular Güterman 100% polyester thread. Thank you very much.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      The specified needle for your Pfaff 260 is 130R. SCHMETZ does not have any information or substitute for this needle. The technician I spoke to said that you might be able to use a regular household needle (system 130/705 H), but your machine will probably need some modification (i.e., hook, timing, etc.) in order to work properly.

  18. I inherited a Bernina 117 sewing machine (circa 1940) which uses round shank needles. Where can I find information on Schmetz round shank needles please?

  19. I inherited a 1960s era Kenmore 1781. Will Schmetz needles work in it? Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine Needles (system 130/705 H, also known as 15×1) will work with your Kenmore.

  20. Thanks for solving so many questions related to sewing and sewing machines. My question was also solved reading these QAs. Thanks for the valuable information, Admin!

  21. Charles falzon says:

    Do you have any needles for a 1923 Jones family cs sewing machine

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Unfortunately, we are not familiar with these machines and cannot find any information in the SCHMETZ cross-reference catalogs.

  22. I have an older Pfaff 362 sewing machine. Will your needles work with my machine, and if so, which ones?

  23. Margine says:

    I have a Singer Overlocker model 14U4S4B
    for which overlocker needles singer 2054
    I purchased Schmetz ELX705,
    however needles are too big for needle
    shaft. Please can you check and advise.
    thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      The SCHMETZ equivalent is Needle System 16×75. This needle is about the same as the industrial needle plain sewer needle (System 16×231), but with a flat shank. 16×75 is 33.9mm long, and the shank has a small diameter (not normal for a domestic needle) of 1.64mm. Regular domestic needles, 130/705 H, have a 2.04mm shank diameter.

  24. I have a brother SE400. Can I use the schmetz leather needle for it, to sew vinyl and leather pieces?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, your machine uses household sewing machine needles (system 130/705 H). SCHMETZ needles will work in your machine.


    I have Kenmore 1665510 serger. Will SCHMETZ needles work with it and what kind? Thank you.

  26. Brenda Bobbitt says:

    I have a pfaff powerquilter 16. Can I use a SCHMETZ needle? Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, you can. Your Pfaff PowerQuilter uses a 134R needle system:

      CANU: 20:05 1
      SY 1955

      SCHMETZ manufactures a variety of points in system 134.

  27. I have a Bernina 1080, can I use SCHMETZ needles? I know I have to use the 130/705H, but what is the best size for straight stitching? thanks.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      I bounced your question over to Rhonda Pierce, our in-house sewing educator and Marketing Manager. Here is what she had to say:

      Rhonda’s 80/12 Rule
      If using everyday 40 wt thread use a SCHMETZ 80/12 needle.
      If using a heavier thread, then use a larger needle size such as 90/14 or larger.
      If using a lighter thread, use a smaller needle such as a 75/11 or smaller.

  28. Can I use these needles in my 1980’s Pfaff 1035 tipmatic extra?

  29. Can I useSCHMETZ in my Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine? I use them all the time in my Bernina, but am wondering about the Singer. Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, you can use SCHMETZ needles in your Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine.

      • Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate it. By the way, I have ELEVEN boxes (5 needles in each) of SCHMETZ needles on hand for my Bernina, as I really like your needles and I know it’s so important to change the needle regularly.

  30. Steve Alexander says:

    I have a Wheeler & Wilson no.12. Works great but no needle. Only reference to needle size I’ve found is from ISMACS web site for a 130×1. (Also 17:15, 12N1 and 727. Any suggestions?

  31. Hi so I have a Model 604E Singer sewing Machine what would you recommend I get to replace the needle?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Your Singer 604E sewing machine uses regular household sewing machine needles (system 130/705 H, also known as 15×1 H). You should be able to use most SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine needles in your machine.

  32. Leah Seals says:

    Hi, I purchased a Kenmore 385.19000 a long time ago and I must ran across a stash of the Kenmore needles that came with it. Do you have a conversion chart for the Kenmore needles so I can actually use them. Kenmore’s are no longer made and trying to get info on the Kenmore models is like pulling teeth from Janome. Thanks in advance.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Unfortunately, no, we do not have a conversion chart. I can tell you that SCHMETZ household sewing machine needles will work with your Kenmore home sewing machine.

  33. Miriam Knox says:

    I’m confused regarding when to use the Schmetz 130/705 H and 130/705 H-E (I know the E is for embroidery). I have a Brother PE700ii can it use both types?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      I took a look at the Brother PE700ii manual on-line. All it says is “Only use home sewing machine needles. Use of any other needle may bend the needle or damage the machine.” Since both needles mentioned are home sewing machine needles (system 130/705 H), you should be able to use either.

  34. Just got a Juki 2200 Mini for Christmas. Wanting to put in a Schmetz needle for quilting. What do you recommend?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Your machine uses 130/705 H needles (same as HAx1). This is a household sewing machine needle. You can use a quilting needle, universal needle, etc.

  35. Hello! I have a Singer 8770 Modern Quilter machine. Will SCHMETZ needles work in this machine. Thank you.

  36. Do Schmetz make an equivalent for the Singer 2054 needle? This is for a Singer ultralock 14u234.

  37. I got the Laura Ashley CX155LA machine for Christmas along with many packs of your needles. Will they work for this machine? Thank you.

  38. Hello,
    Can you please tell me the needle system from Schmetz for a Singer Talent 3323. I can’t find it in the manual. Thanks.

    • Thank you. Another question. I’m from the Philippines. Do you have an authorized reseller in the Philippines?

      • SCHMETZneedles says:

        I have forwarded your email that you sent inquiring about a Philippine reseller to SCHMETZ® Corporate Headquarters. Someone should be contacting you shortly.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Singer Needle 2020 = SCHMETZ® 130/705 H (Universal household needle)
      Singer Needle 2045 = SCHMETZ® 130/705 H-S (Stretch household needle)
      Singer Needle 2032 = SCHMETZ® 130/705 H-LL (Leather household needle)

  39. I have an old Singer 401A machine. I’ve used Schmetz needles in the past, with mixed results, some breaking much too easily, even with moderate weight cottons. Therefore, I thought that maybe I needed to use a slightly sturdier needle, but the ones I recently purchased don’t fit my machine, and now I can’t remember what size I have purchased in the past. The size I just purchased, which are too big are: HAx1 – 130/705H – 110/18. Please let me know what sizes will fit my Singer 401A machine. Thank you.

    • I have the same issue. I bought the 110/18 needles for denim to use to hem jeans and the needles do not fit my Singer 401A. Can someone from SCHMETZneedles please reply if there are specific needle sizes for the 401A for denim?

      Thank you.

      • I had the same issue with a Singer 411g. I think a 90/16 is the biggest needle that’ll fit. The reason is probably to stop these machines being used for really heavy work. I have heard rumours that the slant needlebar is not good at for really heavy stuff.

  40. I have a Singer S14-78. What Schmetzneedle can I use?

  41. I have an Elba 792D that asks for HAx1 SP needle #11-14. What is the schmetz equivalent please

  42. Hi Y’all,

    I just upgraded to a Juki HZL-DX. I have a ton of Schmetz needles around for my previous machine. Can I use them with my new Juki? Want to be 100% positive with my new wheels!

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      As long as the previous needles are 130/705 H (flat shank needles, also known as HAx1) you should be fine.

  43. Are the shanks on the 16 and 18 slightly wider than the 14?
    My new singer 4423 won’t fit your 100/16 and 100/18 needles but it will fit your 90/14.
    Flat side is definitely on the right side. Screw is backed completely off.
    Thanks for your help.

  44. I have a Kenmore 1345, will the SCHMETZ stretch needles (130/705 H-S) work with this machine?

  45. Susan Harkness says:

    I have a Singer 7285Q. I have a lot of Schmetz 103/705 H 15×1 H needles (bought in late 1990s) from a previous non Singer machine. Singer told me that needles other than Singer will damage machine. But you mention yours will work. Were they just trying to get me to buy theirs? And will the older Schmetz work with my new Singer?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      You can use SCHMETZ® needles in your sewing machine. Singer is just trying to get you to buy their needles. The older SCHMETZ® needles can be used as well. The specifications for needle system 130/705 H (also known as HAx1) has not changed over the years.

      • Susan Harkness says:

        Thank you for your response!!! I have about 50+ needles from my days working at a fabric store–sale and employee discount. I really would have hated to get rid of them! Never can have too many needles.

  46. Do all the needles work with vintage Pfaff, ie. 130 and 230?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      If you’re asking if they can use SCHMETZ® Household Needles, the answer is no. Pfaff machines model 130 and 230 are semi Industrial machines. They use needle system 130 B. This needle is similar to the industrial 16×231, and these two systems have a round shank and the shank Diameter of 1.63mm. All the 130/705 H needles have a shank diameter of 2.02mm and a flat shank.

  47. I have a singer model 15, in the manual it says it uses a 15×1 needle system. Can i use standard universals or 130/705 H with this machine?

  48. Can I use a Scmetz needle for my Singer 756 model. I read that they don’t work for older Singer models but don’t know how old that is.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Not sure who gave you the erroneous information. Yes, you can use SCHMETZ® Household Needles (system 130/705H) in your Singer 756 Touch & Sew sewing machine. Your manual lists three different needles that can be used:

      Singer 2020 = SCHMETZ® 130/705 H (regular Universal household needle)
      Singer 2045 = SCHMETZ® 130/705 H-S (Stretch household needle)
      Singer 2028 = SCHMETZ® no longer manufactures this needle. From what we can tell from our research, neither does Singer. You might be able to find this needle still on eBay.

  49. What needle should I use with an older Janome 134D serger?
    I generally sew with light or mid-weight woven fabric. And do I need a different needle for Knits?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      According to your instruction book, this machine uses an HAx1SP needle. An HAx1SP needle is different from a regular household Universal needle:

      The special point universal needle is chrome-plated with a reinforced blade. It has a medium ball point and is mainly for stretch and other elastic materials. It has a longer and wider eye than the normal Universal needle which makes the needle suitable for thicker sewing or embroidery thread.

      We always recommend that you use the needle recommended by your manufacturer. In real life, however, things are not always so black & white. While we don’t recommend it, you might be able to get away with using a regular Universal Needle. If you decide to try this, you should test carefully. You should run the machine slowly so that you do not cause any damage.

  50. Yvonne Pyke says:

    I have a Singer 14SH654 ultralock can you please tell me what needles this takes and does it take different ones when using swimwear and knit. thanks

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      According to the manual for your machine, the Singer 14SH654 uses a Singer #2022 needle. The SCHMETZ® equivalent is the ELX705 needle. Unlike regular household needles, you are limited in ELX705 choices. Our resident sewing educator recommends using the ELX705 SUK needle for swimwear and knits. This needle has a medium ball point.

      According to your machine manual, “In an emergency, a standard household needle can be used. However, unless the suggested tension setting is re-adjusted, skipping of the stitches may occur.”

  51. Nile Remsing says:

    I have a singer 3101 Merritt cam machine. Can I use SCHMETZ® needles in it. It is skipping stitches and I only have your needles.

  52. Vicki Lynn says:

    Help please!
    I have a Kenmore Sensor Sew 70. Which SCHMETZ® needles/sizes are compatible?
    Thank you ‘sew’ much! 😉

  53. Beth Cammarata says:

    Hi! I have a Singer model #7033. Can I use SCHMETZ® needles?

    Also, my Singer Profinish serger uses Style CAT 2022 needles. Is there a SCHMETZ® needle that will work?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, Your Singer 7033 can use SCHMETZ® Household Sewing Machine Needles.

      The equivalent of the Singer 2022 is the ELx705.

  54. I have a Singer xl 400 embroidery machine. Which needles could be the replacements?

  55. Hi, I have a singer 14T968DC, and brother 1034D which takes the 130/705h. Can I use those same needles in the singer 14T968DC? Thank you!

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      No. According to your serger manual, the Singer 14T968DC uses ELX705 needles (Singer 2022). In bold red font at the bottom of the page it states, “This machine uses Singer #2022 needles. Do not use Standard Household Needles.”

  56. Ella Fernandez says:

    Hello! I have Singer 3232 Simple and Singer heavy duty 14HD854 serger. Can I use Schmetz needles? And what needles can I use for sheer chiffon, silk, and jersey/stretchy/knits on both machines? Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Your Singer 3232 uses regular household sewing machine needles (system 130/705 H). Here are the SCHMETZ® recommendations: For Chiffon use a Universal or Microtex, size 60/8 or 70/10. For Silk use Mictrotex size 60/8 to 90/14. For regular knits use Jersey needles sizes 70/10 thru 100/16. For knits with elastic you can use Jersey needles size 70/10 thru 100/16 or Stretch needles size 65/9, 75/11 or 90/14. remember, these are all recommendations. You may have to do some experimentation.

      Your Singer 14HD854 uses ELX705 needles. ELX705 needles are available in a regular point, EXL705, a chrome version in both a regular point and a medium ball point, ELX705CF and a ELX-SUKCF. Some sergers can use regular household sewing machine needles in addition to the specified ELX705 needles. Please check your owner’s manual to see if this option is available.

      If you are a smartphone user, you might want to download the SCHMETZ® app for further information.

  57. Hi,
    I have a Brother LS2350 and I was wondering if SCHMETZ stretch needle(130/705 H-S) will work on my machine?
    Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, SCHMETZ stretch needle(130/705 H-S) will work with your machine. All SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine Needles will work.

  58. I have a Singer Ultralock 14-U64A (Australia)
    Recommended needle is Singer 2045
    Can I use SCHMETZ stretch?

  59. I have a Singer 7470 which uses a Twin Needle 3mm (2025) . Is the Schmetz 1 Universal twin Needle 2,0/80 equivalent? I will be using it on Tshirt stretch knit and polyester material. Thank You.

  60. I have a Singer One. Can I use Schmitz needles with it? Also, what needle do you recommend for thick fleece? Thanks!

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, you can use SCHMETZ Household Needles (130/705 H) in your sewing machine. For sewing thick fleece our sewing educator recommends using a Universal Needle or a Stretch Needle in size 90/14.

  61. Hi, I just upgraded to a Singer Futura Quintet machine and Singer states to use 2000 and 2001 series claiming their chromium needles are stronger (than 2020 and 2045) for these embroidery machines. Will Schmetz needles be equal or greater in strength? Thanks, Deb

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      The singer 2020 is the SCHMETZ household needle 130/705 H (Universal needle) and the Singer 2045 is is the SCHMETZ 130/705 H-S.

      SCHMETZ needles exceed OEM specifications, and in many cases, are of greater strength due to some modification made to the blade of the needle (i.e., system 130/705 H-J has a reinforced blade).

  62. Sharon Dodd says:

    Hi what needles can I use in my brother se 400 please.

  63. May I use Schmetz needles on my Singer 385?

  64. Hi! I have a Singer Stylist 7258, and I want to use your Stretch Needle Sizes: 75/11, 90/14. would your needles work with my machine? Thank you! 🙂

  65. Rohini sena says:

    I have a newlife tipmatic 1139D machine…the 130/705 system needles seem too long and break. The manual of the machine suggests the 130/705 H system but the needles I have don’t seem to be working. Please suggest an alternative system with shorter needles

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      There is nothing shorter in system 130/705 H. This is the needle system for domestic (household) sewing machines. I forwarded your question over to one of the SCHMETZ technicians. Here is his response: “I think this customer’s machine timing is off. The manufacturer specifies 130/705 H needles, but the customer is claiming the needles are too long? This tell me that the needle bar has moved down from the original setting. Please suggest that the customer take his machine to a mechanic for review and adjustment.”

  66. Beverly says:

    I just purchased Schmetz extra wide twin needle 100/6.0. Can I use this with my Pfaff 2140 for mock felled seams on denim?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      You can try, but you do this at your own risk. Ideally, you should use a denim needle. Unfortunately, SCHMETZ does not make a Twin Denim Needle in an extra-wide size. The only size available in a Double Denim is 4.0/100.

      There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

      1. The Twin Needle is actually two Universal Needles on a cross shaft. Depending upon the thickness of the denim, the twin needle may not be strong enough to effectively penetrate the denim.

      2. What is important is the distance between the needles, not the width of the plastic bar. Please note: There are some sewing machines that cannot use these Twin Needles with extra wide distance between the needles as the hole in their needle plate is not big enough.

  67. Lorraine says:

    Will these needles work with a brother jx2517? Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      You should be able to use most, if not all, SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine Needles (system 130/705 H).

  68. Hi,

    I have a singer quantum stylist 9960. Can I use a schmetz twin needle on it or do I really need the singer version?

  69. I recently purchased a Brother PE770 embroidery machine which came with HAX 130 needles. What Schmetz needles can I use as replacements. Thank you for your assist.

  70. C.E.Parr says:

    I have a Singer Patchwork machine model 7285Q. I just bought a Schmetz wing needle 120/19 and cannot insert it-it seems the top is to big. My machine is only 18 months old. Anything I can do? It will accept the smaller needle sized 100/16.

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Unfortunately, not all household sewing machines are capable of using the larger needle sizes. The larger sized needles have slightly larger shanks than the smaller sizes. This is a safety feature designed by the sewing machine manufacturers themselves. This was in response to a deluge of broken machines. Manufacturers made this change to the larger needle sizes to prevent owners of lightweight and medium-weight machines from pushing their machines beyond their capabilities. Users of these lightweight machines were trying to do heavy duty sewing and in the process damaging their machines (i.e., bent needle bars, etc.).

  71. Nancy Albritton says:

    I have a singer 457 I am looking for needles for, will your Schmetz universal 130/705 work? Thank you!

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      Yes, the SCHMETZ Universal Needle (130/705 H) will work in your Singer Stylist 457 sewing machine.

  72. Jeannette says:

    I have a singer starlet new machine. What needles can I use. I cannot seem to get singer

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      You should be able to use most, if not all, SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine Needles (system 130/705 H).

  73. I just acquired a Singer Athena 2000 that I got as it’s what I learnt to sew on as a teenager and never lost my love of it. Can I use Schmetz needles in that or do I have to get Singer needles?

    • SCHMETZneedles says:

      You can use SCHMETZ Household Sewing Machine Needles (130/705 H) in your Singer Athena 2000.

  74. I just acquired an older machine and I can’t find any information on what kind of needles will work with it. Will your needles work a Singer 401A? Thanks!

  75. I have a new Singer +1 – can I use a Schmetz Universal Twin Needle 130/705 H ZWI 2, 0/80 with that machine with no problems? Thank you. I look forward to your response.
    Linda Lee 716-433-4374 or

  76. says:

    It is possible that your machine uses a different needle system. If you provide your machine manufacturer and model number we are happy to research. As mentioned, most machines use our SCHMETZ 130/705H system, but there are a few models that require a different needle system. Thank you for your comment.

    • Linda Marie Barry says:

      it’s a Singer 4423

    • Barbara Kerrick says:

      I have a Singer Confidence Quilter for machine applique. I saw that I should use the Schmetz Microtex Sharp needle. Will that work on my machine?

    • Angelica Mara says:

      Hi! My Sewing Machine is Brother GS2700. Is it SCHMETZ Needles? 🙂

    • Hello, my machine is a singer 31K15 from 1954, its system is 16×87. Do Schmetz produces needles for my machine ? What are the available sizes ? Where to buy them in relatively small quantity ? Best regards

      • SCHMETZneedles says:

        Had to check with one of the SCHMETZ technicians. Here is his response:

        “This machine is the same as the 31-15 but made in England by Singer. The new needle for this machine is the 16×95 above size NM110 or 16×231 below NM 110.”

        This needle is available on our web site. Unfortunately, we only sell industrial needles in boxes of 100. You might want to try eBay or one of the on-line vendors for smaller quantities.

    • Singer Futura xl-420 is my machine. Do I need Singer needles only?

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