SCHMETZ Serger Needles

SCHMETZ Serger NeedlesConsult your owner’s manual!  Many new sergers use home sewing needle system 130/705 H (flat shank with a scarf). SCHMETZ Stretch, Jersey, Topstitch and Universal are popular needle choices. Some older sergers use needle systems BLX1 and DCX1.

SCHMETZ Overlock Needles

ELx705, ELx705CF and ELx705CF SUK are popular serger needle systems. Check your owner’s manual! Here’s how these needles are different from home sewing needles (130/705 H):

  • Serger needles have a groove on the front and back sides of the blade to reduce skipped stitches.  The second long groove is necessary to create chain stitches like overlock or coverlock stitches.
  • ELx705, ELx705CF and ELx705CF SUK have increased strength due to a reinforced blade leading to less needle breakage and straighter stitches.
  • ELx705 and ELx705CF have a slightly rounded point for universal use.
  • ELx705CF SUK has a medium ball point suitable for many knit fabrics.
  • ELx705CF and ELx705CF SUK have a Chrome Finish (CF), increasing wear resistance.

Check your owner’s manual!  SCHMETZ ELx705, ELx705CF and ELx705CF SUK are used on overlock or coverlock machines.





  1. Steven Warren says

    Hi I’m a bit new to my Janome Coverstitch 2000cpx but it specifies ELx705 Needles and as I’m sewing Lycra believe i would be better using SUK needles I’m fine with this but am confused with the 90/12 or 80/14 can you advise what these mean

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Unfortunately, there is no black/white answer. Yoiu’ll need to experiment to determine the correct size for your application.

  2. I ordered Schmetz ELx705 CF from a business. They sent me ELx705. I have a BL Triumph. Are these needles the same?
    Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      The main difference is the finish. ELx705 is nickel-plated. ELx605 CF has a chrome finish.

  3. Jessica says

    Can I use these on a BabyLock Vibrant?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      No. According to your manual, the Babylock CVibrant uses either HAx1SP needles or 130/705 H needles (household sewing machine needles).

  4. I work at a school and we have a really ole overlocker – New Home D743 Knitlock Feed-o-Dog, I wish to buy some new needles, any idea which one would fit? Many thanks, Amanda

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Unfortunately, no. We checked with one of the SCHMETZ technicians, they are unfamiliar with this machine.

  5. Can 705H be used in Babylock Evolution?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      No. Your Baby Lock Evolution serger is set up to use SCHMETZ ELx705CF needles size 90/14. This is suitable for most medium and heavyweight fabrics. For lightweight fabrics use size 80/12, ELx705CF needles. The ELx705CF needle is a semi-ballpoint design and is suitable for knits and wovens.

  6. Can I use the ELx705 in stead of ELx705CF in Babylock Ovation?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Yes, but with a caveat. CF signifies that the needle has a chrome finish. The chrome finish (CF) reduces heat and wear and aids in slipping through the fabric. You might experience some problems with the regular ELx705 needle. SCHMETZ always recommends that the customer use the needle recommended in their instruction manual.

  7. Matthew meuleman says

    I just got a new Bernette b44 overlocker and the needles for it are ELx705 12/80 but they have a number on the pack that I have not seen before it is 558 F. Does anyone know what that means as I got more needles of the ELx705 90/14 and they have on the pack 502 R.

  8. Alaina Clarke says

    Hi stupid question but ELx705 are listed as universal does that mean that they are for all types of fabric? Specifically knits and cotton but also silk and finer fabrics. Thanks

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      There are no stupid questions. Yes, you can use them on all types of fabric. ELx705 is also available in with a medium ball point, ELx705SUKCF.

  9. I’ve been given an Pfaff hobbylock 4762. The manual tells me to use ELx705, Cat. No. 2002. But I can’t find any with that exact name. Will ELx705 and/or ELx705 SUK CFdo?

  10. Maria Carralero Aragon says


    I have a Singer 14-78. The manual says it uses the needles Singer 2022, is there any Schmetz needles that it can use? Also i would like to use ball point needles but i am unsure of which ones the machine can use. Any info?

    Thank you for your time.

  11. I understand the difference between the ELx705, EL705 CF and ELx705 CF SUK but what does SUK stand for?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      SES – Light Ball Point
      SUK – Medium Ball Point
      SKF – Heavy Ball Point

      • Thank you – just out of curiosity… do the letters denote German words? e.g. SUK translates to something in German to mean medium ball point?

        • SCHMETZneedles says

          I asked one of the SCHMETZ technicians. Here is his response:

          No one knows. Years ago I asked the same question. The only answer I got was: Mr. Schmetz picked the letters at random … because, he likes the sounds of them.

          • That’s great – thank you – there was me thinking it must actually stand for something! Good to know it’s a complete mystery to everyone. 🙂

  12. Marylou Reyes says

    I have an ELNA coverstitch machine.
    What can I substitute for the ELx705 needles?
    I live in Canada but the fabric stores here do not carry it.
    Is it the same as a Topstitch needle?
    I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      The following answer came from one of the SCHMETZ technicians:

      Yes and No.
      You might be able to use a topstitch needle. However, there are differences between the two needles. ELX705 is designed with a longer scarf and a double groove. In a serger, the longer scarf helps keep the machine from skipping stitches (looper timming) and the two grooves help keep the thread from breaking. If you try to set your machine with a topstitch needle, you may have to set the timming on the machine outside the factory standard. Please keep in mind, it’s not possible to set the timming of machine outside of the factory standard in many domestic sergers.

  13. What would be the number of your needle for an older quantum lock 4 model number U286b/236b. It is a singer 4 thread. I just bought el705 but I can’t get them in. My manual says needle cat. no 2054. Thank you for your time.

  14. What is the difference between the ELx705CF and the ELx705?
    Can I use them interchangeably?

  15. I have a White Superlock 734DW serger. The manual says to use HAx1SP, HAx1(130x705H) sharp point needles.
    Which schmetz needles are best used for a thin cotton fabric?


  16. I have a Babylock that says I should use « HAx1SP/CR » needles. I know SP means Special Point and CR means Chrome. I bought SP needles that were marked on the card as Super Stretch, but are some SP needles also Universal? Or do I need to get the chrome ones to look after my needs for universal? I do not always sew knits and need to have the right needle for wovens. (The table on your website only mentions SP so I was thinking maybe Chrome is a more recent development.). Thanks.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      HAx1SP is a modified Universal Needle. Features: Special point universal needles. Chrome-plated with a reinforced blade. Has a medium ball point and is mainly for stretch and other elastic materials. Has a longer and wider eye than the normal Universal needle which makes the needle suitable for thicker sewing or embroidery thread.

  17. Sarah Beth Martin says

    I have a Pfaff Coverlock 4.0. Which needles do I need? Manual says Inspira ELx 705.

  18. Amanda Tozer says

    I am using a Singer Profinish serger and having a hard time figuring out which needle would be best for knit fabric. can you suggest one that will work for my machine?

  19. What does the EL stand for? Extra long??

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Hi Dawn. Great question. Nope, not extra-long. Even though ELX705 is now the standard, it was originally designed for Elna Sewing Machines. I think you can guess where we’re going with this . . . the EL comes from Elna.

  20. Taisi Romão Otte says

    I have a brother 1034d and need to replace the needle. What schmetrz needle should i use to sew knits and what needle should I use to sew woven?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      The Universal Needle is a great general purpose needle and can be used on wovens and knits. If you’re using a highly elastic knitwear, then you can use the Stretch Needle. A Ball Point Needle can also be used on knits and some stretch fabrics.

  21. I was given a Singer 14U554 and I would like to replace the needles.
    It says to use Singer needle #2054 with it. Will the Schmetz needles work on this
    machine? If so, what is recommended? Thank you!

  22. Robin Hunter says

    Do the ELx705 needles work on the old White Superlock 734DW? The only thing listed in my manual is No. 11550.


  23. I have a Brother 3550 cv double cover stitch machine. The manual says to use 130/705 needles. However, I get skipped stitches and I have to rip the stitching out. I have also tried 130/705 stretch needles with less skipping, but I know there should not be any skipped stitches. Someone in a Brother group suggested using ELx705 needles because she does and does not get any skipped stitches. If I use ELx 705 needles, Do I take the risk of damaging my machine?, Do you recommend this? Do you have any other suggestions I can try? Thank you.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      The manual for your machine recommends a 130/705H in size 90 or 130/705 H SUK in size 90. Usually, especially with cover stitch machines, the thinner the needle the higher the risk for skipped stitches. You don’t mention what size needle you were using. Did you use a thinner needle, e.g. size 80/12 or 70/10? If so, you should replace it with a size 90/14.

      SCHMETZ does not recommend to use any other needle types than those recommended by the machine manufacturer, because the machine settings are adjusted accordingly. However, the ELx705 needles have a reinforced blade which makes the needles more stable compared to a 130/705 H of the same size. Additionally, the ELx705 has a second long groove which allows less thread tension. The other basic measurements are the same. Please click on the following links for more details:

      • Thank you for your quick response with the useful links. I used the needles that came with the machine- Universal 130/705 size 14. I had skipped stitches on knits, so I tried 130/705 size 14 stretch. It was better but still skipped stitches every now and then. With a top coverstitch, it is quite noticeable. I will try the 130/705 SUK size 14. I hope that will end the skipped stitching. Thanks again.

  24. Riel D Burrows says

    Hi my hobbylock 794 says to use blx1 needles but here in Canada having a hard time finding them. Will the elx705 work in place of the blx1? I need it for knits .. I need an alternative lol.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      No. ELX705 will not work. I checked with one of the SCHMETZ technicians to see if there is any other needle that can be substituted. Here is his response,

      “The only similar needle is the DBXK5 KK; however, the scarf is a bit shorter.
      This needle is made in sizes from NM65 to NM90, and made in Regular point (R) up to size NM90, in SES up to size NM80, and SUK up to size up to NM90.”

  25. What Schmetz needle would I order for Janome Mylock 534D – 4 thread over locker PLEASE.

  26. Is a top stitching needle that will accommodate decorative threads available in the ELx705 line? I have an Elna 945 and a Babylock Evolve and I’d like to use them more for embellishing.

  27. Jenny Coleman says

    I have Elna 745 overlocker ..primarily use stretch fabrics ..having trouble finding ELx705 SYSTEM CF needles.
    What other Schmetz needles can I use in theis model overlocker .Thanks in Advance forhelp

  28. Carol Gagen says

    Where can I buy EL x 705 suk needles in Ontario Canada? Dealers have no idea where to get them.

    • Valerie Mercer says

      Hi Carolyn, did you have any luck with the SCHMETZ needles?? I’m in Newfoundland trying to get them as well with no success. How much did they cost. I’m so frustrated because I cannot use my serger!!

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Have your local dealer contact one of our Canadian Distributors:

      H. A. Kidd & Company Ltd.
      5 Northline Road
      Toronto, Ontario
      Canada M4B 3P2
      (800) 361-1669

      N. Jefferson Ltd.
      3188 Thunderbird Crescent
      Burnaby, BC
      Canada V5A 3G4
      (800) 355-4644

  29. Are any Schmetz needles tha I can use for a serger that needs JLX2 needles?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      There is no substitute for JLX2 needles. According to one of the SCHMETZ technician’s, needle system JLX2 is made specifically for specific JUKI sewing machines. JLX2 needles have a longer Scarf and a longer point. JLX2 is a special order needle. Please send an email to for pricing and availability.

  30. Are all three of your elx needles ok for machines that say elx? Sorry if that seems obvious. I don’t want to order (from Canada) and have the wrong needle. My machines says ELX SUK.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Checked with our sewing educator. She says that, yes, you should be able to use a regular ELX needle . . . but, she suggests testing on a piece of fabric. The difference between a regular ELX needle and an ELX SUK is that the regular ELX needle has a slightly rounded point while the ELX SUK has a medium ball point.

  31. Durenda Pake says

    Will the DCX1 work for my Pfaff hobbylock HL-603A which my old needle package references Organ needles DCX1 size 11 14 and are just a touch over 1-1/4″ long

  32. I should specify that it is for seaming and coverstitch on a husky lock s21.

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      The ELx705 SUK CF has a medium ball point which is especially suitable for knit fabrics. Usually, size 80/12 works well.

  33. Hi, which needle would you suggest for an interlock knit? The universal ELX 305 is not working out too well.

  34. Gloria Vodan says

    I have always used Schmertz needles in my Viking Designer SE. I just purchased a Husky Lock s25 and the manual suggests only Inspira EL 705 needles. Are the Schmertz EL 705 the same as those?

    • SCHMETZneedles says

      Yes. SCHMETZ® ELX705 needles are the same (but better). No other brand matches the quality of SCHMETZ®.

      • Lisa Curt says

        I also have a Huskylock S25. Will the ELx705 CF SUK be appropriate for knits on this machine? The manual does not address ballpoint needles / knits.

        • I wondered the same about the older Huskylock 936. The manual does not specify them, but … my thought is these needles may have been introduced after the manual was written (20+ years ago). I tried the ELx705 and wow, what a difference it makes with the coverstitch quality. I would have tried the CF SUK but couldn’t find them anywhere locally and I needed to get the job done for a customer without waiting on a delivery.

        • SCHMETZneedles says

          Yes, you can use the SCHMETZ ELx705 CF SUK needle in your machine.

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