SCHMETZ Needle App

That’s right!  There’s an app for that.  Sara of Heirloom Creations did this terrific video walking through the features of the SCHMETZ app that was released this year.  My favorite section of the app is titled Needles by Fabric Type.  Just click one of the over 80 fabrics and a SCHMETZ needle type will be suggested.  It’s so easy!


Sara’s website is  She has videos on sewing tools, techniques, fabrics and her library is growing!  Sara is a wealth of sewing knowledge and I am sooooo glad she shares it with us.  Thanks Sara!



PS:  We have had development issues with the Android version, so right now the SCHMETZ App is available only on iPhone/iPad/iPod.


  1. How do I get to the needle app?

  2. Diana Cedolia says:

    Please hurry up with the Android app. iPhone stuff is of no use to me.

  3. Free Motion Quilting and Needle selection featuring Schmetz needles, Schmetz educational literature, and Schmetz iPhone app today at The Inbox Jaunt:

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