SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade Needles – NEW!

SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade Household Needles

SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade needles resist heat and wear. Eight needle types in a variety of sizes are available in a total of 23 best-selling needles. If you work with sticky stabilizers or adhesives, these needles will stay cool longer so there is less gummy build-up on your needles. If you are a power quilter, stitch maven, or embroidery lover, these needles will keep up with your demands. SCHMETZ® Chrome is a great way to support your local quilt/fabric shop and machine dealers as these premium needles will not be found in the big box stores.

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  1. Nancy Jones says:

    Do you have a pdf file that gives descriptions of the types and uses of your needles that I can use in my sewing classes at the Adult school?
    Thank you,
    Nancy Jones

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