SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade Microtex Needles

SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade Microtex Needles

The SCHMETZ Microtex, generically known as a sharp, is available with a chrome finish. The Microtex Needle has a very slim acute point. Yes it’s very sharp! Quilters love piecing & quilting with Microtex & is nearly mandatory when using batiks. Sewists love Microtex for topstitching & general sewing. Both love Microtex for precision stitches. This needle also dulls more quickly than other needle types, so it needs to be replaced more frequently.

Available in sizes 60/8, 70/10 and 80/12.

Why Chrome?

· Less friction on thread passing through eye ·
· Penetrates fabric with less resistance ·
· Smoother stitch creation ·
· Resists heat – improved durability & performance ·
· A premium needle not available in big box stores ·



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