Save 10% on Lime Grabbit® until 03/31/17

Save 10% Lime Grabbits® Until March 31, 2017

Enjoy a different type of green this St. Patrick’s Day. Often imitated, never duplicated to the same high quality standards . . . you can save an additional 10% OFF on Lime Grabbit® Magnetic Pin Cushions until March 31, 2017.

Grabbit® Magnetic Pincushion is an industry-recognized tool for storage and access to straight pins. Consumers have been happily using Grabbit® for over thirty years as their primary pin keeper. The unique attribute of Grabbit® is its powerful magnetic field which sweeps up pins from a distance and aligns them in an organized pile. It is easy to grab a pin or throw one back on the Grabbit® surface when you finish.

  • No more picking up pins one by one – sweep them up with Grabbit®.
  • No more stopping work to push pins into a cloth cushion – drop them onto Grabbit®.
  • No more shaking, tipping, fumbling for pins – they’re easily accessible on your handy Grabbit®.
  • No more chasing lightweight cushions – heavyweight Grabbit® stays put.

Grabbit® has a pleasing contemporary design with a shallow bowl surface to gather pins and a comfortable round shape to hold in your hand. It is stocked with 50 color ball pins. The pins have ample sized 4mm plastic heads and are 1-1/2 inches long. Grabbit® is safe near computer sewing machines. Grabbit® comes in a variety of colors and measures 1 5/16″ tall, 4 1/4 diameter. (NOTE:  Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor.) Save 10% on Lime Grabbits® until the end of March 2017. Includes 50 colorball plastic head Grabbit™ Steel Sewing Pins. Free shipping in the continental United States!

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