Rita Farro – Our Favorite Wordsmith

Rita Farro,
Madeira Beach, Florida.

Just three miles from the Mississippi River, in the Iowa cornfields, you’ll find Rita Farro at home. If it’s Monday, there are sheets drying on a clothesline after being laundered in a hand painted washer & dryer (doesn’t everyone embellish home appliances?), enticing chocolate peanut butter cake baking in the oven, and Grandma Camp activities in progress. Mix in a laptop and a cell phone, Rita rocks my sewing world with heart and enthusiasm sprinkled with sarcasm.

Who is Rita Farro? If you have been reading SCHMETZ Inspired to Sew since issue #1, then you have read Rita’s writing. Rita interviews the feature talent each month. Her mission is to tell their sewing stories in writing for publication. With countless classes from the Des Moines Writers’ Workshop, Rita has honed her craft. Rita is a writer.

Rita and our own Rhonda Pierce met over 10 years ago in Las Vegas at the Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) wholesale show. They exchanged pleasantries. Rhona was a bit intimidated by Rita’s confidence and boldness. They have mutual industry friends. Their paths crossed at the now defunct American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. As a vendor, Rhonda was interacting with Rita, public relations director for the show. Again, their paths crossed with Rita as publicity director for the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA.

Funny, Rhonda doesn’t remember the exact date that she called Rita asking if she would like to come on board as an advisor for product placement and marketing, although Rhonda is certain she could document the conversation in one of her work journals. That was 10 years ago, and their brainstorming and conversations now are just as spirited and insightful as our first.

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  1. Rita, where can I find serger needles I read about on schmetzneedles.com? I’m in Alaska.

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