Pieced Together, A Documentary

Pieced Together, A Film by Julianne DonofrioPieced Together has been a labor of love for Julianne Donofrio. She was told that documentaries often take ten years to make so she feels good coming in under the wire. She started filming in 2010 and premiered at the second Quilt Trail Gathering held in Greeneville, TN in 2016. The film has been in seven festivals and won two awards. She is now screening the film in front of groups across the country.

The website for the film is www.piecedtogetherdoc.com. The website has a form people can fill out if they are interested in hosting a screening, and there is also a Google map that shows over 330 trails across the US and Canada, mostly organized by county. This is free for anyone to use and update. It can even be embedded on their own website.

Pieced Together is also on social media:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/piecedtogetherdoc
@QuiltSquareDoc – https://twitter.com/QuiltSquareDoc
Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/piecedtogether/
Instagram – http://instagram.com/piecedtogetherdoc

For updates on how you can see the film, or to be added to a periodic newsletter with updates and information, email Julianne at: piecedtogetherdoc@gmail.com.

Here is a link to the trailer:


Click HERE to read the entire story about Julianne Donofrio and her documentary, Pieced Together.

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