June                                                         2020


On the Virtual Road . . .


Last month I started the May/June Facebook Live series, SCHMETZ SWIM - See What I Made. Sometimes sharing with others is the push I need to finish projects. When dealing with health issues and the uncertainties of life, I find sewing brings calm and time for creativity and reflection. Like a faithful pet, my seam ripper is always within reach. Wishing you health, safety, and compassion ....

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Rhonda's Boho Kimono


Thanks for Reading SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW!

SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #78

Ecclesiastical Sewing


Thank you Mary Mulari for introducing us to Ecclesiastical Sewing. As you will read, Mary was traveling and stumbled upon a curious sewing shop. Not a sewing machine dealer. Not a fabric shop, nor an alterations, or bridal service. Ecclesiastical is a word many find difficult to pronounce, but Wowza! Mary discovered a delightful sewing business. Ecclesiastical Sewing is a niche market. Although Carrie Roberts started to sew as a hobby, she was destined to create and contribute to a higher calling. Her work is amazing! Even kids are fascinated by the regal and glorious ceremonial vestments as shown in the pic on page 11. Enjoy this special sewing world!


Click HERE to read at issuu.com.



Thangles Christmas Salad Quilt, Boho Kimono, Memorial Hearts




Rhonda continues the Wednesday afternoon series of SCHMETZ SWIM, See What I Made, through June. Join her at 1:00 PM CT. Last week, viewers were delighted over an unusual button.


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This weekend, over 200 quilters from around the world will participate in the Sew in Your Jammies 2020 Virtual Retreat. If you are signed up to attend, we hope you have a marvelous time! If you missed it, don't miss the next one! Sign up to be notified of future events at https://retreatfromhome.com.



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Sewing on Knits

Sewing with knits? What needle should you use? If the fabric has Lycra, Spandex, or elastic, use the SCHMETZ Chrome Stretch. If sewing a regular knit, use SCHMETZ Chrome Jersey needle. Both needles have the same medium ball point, but the eye & scarf differ. Stretch Chrome needles are available in sizes 75/11 & 90/14. Jersey Chrome needles, also known as ball points, are available in sizes 80/12 & 90/14. Available now at independent shops & sewing machine dealers.

SCHMETZ Chrome Jersey/Ball Point Needles

SCHMETZ Chrome Stretch Needles


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SCHMETZ SWIM - See What I Made

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June 8


Quilting By The Sea*

October 13

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International Quilt Market

October 23-26

Houston TX

Threads of Success*

October 25

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Faithful Circle Quilters Guild*

November 18

Downers Grove IL



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