October                                                   2019


On the Road . . .


Last week I was in beautiful Canada. Canada is a HUGE country, so I'll be more specific. I flew from Chicago to Toronto on Porter Airlines, my favorite Canadian airline. With the Toronto skyline in sight, the plane landed onto the tiny island airport of Billy Bishop on the western shore of Lake Ontario. Connecting to the mainland was swift, just a 90 second ferry ride or a brisk six minute walk via the new sparkly underground pedestrian tunnel.

My mission in Canada was to provide SCHMETZ education to Fabricland, Ontario region staff. In Toronto, I met up with colleagues. We traveled north via car to Fern Resort on Lake Couchchiching (I love saying & spelling this word). In one afternoon in a round robin format, product experts trained Fabricland staff about newly available products. Each expert gave eight 20 minute presentations to small Fabricland groups. The class format was brisk and jovial. The afternoon was well organized and enjoyable.

That night everyone dressed up Roaring 20's style. Thanks to Cathy McClean, I had a fun, shimmering fringe flapper complete with a headband and red feather. Dinner was served with a murder mystery – a live theatre group with audience participation that may, or may not, have been voluntary. Fun!

My 48 hours in Canada was quick. No time for sightseeing, although as my cars scooted along, I captured a few interesting pics of usual architecture in downtown Toronto, and of course, got awesome pics from the Fabricland event. Take a look at all the pics on my personal blog: https://sewmorestitches.com/blog?blogcategory=Fabricland+2019

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Among New Fabricland Products at Fern Resort, Ontario.
September 2019
Anna, Cathy McClean, Barb Harmon, Rhonda.



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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #70


Jodie Davis


Just like the seasons changing from summer to fall, life changes too. Each season delivers its own excitement. Jodie Davis is creating her own journey: From quilting super star to entrepreneur of The American Cuckoo Clock Company. Jodie reveals intimate perspectives on success in our quilting world, grieving for the past in 10 minute segments, forcing oneself to move forward and coming to terms with a new life as an adventure, complete with bumps and unadulterated joy.

Pick up the marbles and discover Jodie's new passion, or perhaps passions is more accurate. Enjoy this special issue as Jodie reveals what makes her tick, professionally, and personally.


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Non-stick coating of NIT (Nickel-Phosphor-PTFE).

Extra-large eye.

Distinctive scarf with special eye prevents skipped stitches.

Slightly rounded point provides trouble-free sewing.

Strong conical blade reinforcement easily handles thick fabrics.


Machine appliqué & embroidery

Hook and loop tapes

General sewing, vinyls, oil cloth


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SCHMETZ Quick Threading Needles


No, your needle is not broken. The slit in the eye is there by design. The Quick Threading Needle is designed for sewing enthusiasts with diminished eye sight (or who just have trouble threading the needle).

The close-up image illustrates the concept behind the Quick Threading Needle. The Quick Threading Needle is the same as the Universal Needle except for the small threading slot in the eye. This threading slot supports quick and easy threading of the needle. The needle is threaded by drawing the needle thread over the surface of the right side of the needle until it slides into the eye by itself. It is not necessary to change the thread tension. Like the Universal Needle, it can be used for many fabrics.

Please do not use the Quick Threading Needle for sensitive fabrics (i.e., silk, microfibre, etc.) as the slot might create pulled threads. It should also not be used for quilting as fibers of the batting might be pulled out.

The thickness of the sewing thread being used should be adapted to the needle size. If the sewing thread is too fine (thin), it might slip out of the needle eye. If the sewing thread is too heavy (thick), it might break frequently.

Available in sizes 80/12 and 90/14. Click HERE for information.

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