A Personal Note from Rhonda . . .

Today's message blends personal and professional interests. Are you fit to sew, quilt and live your life? Years ago, I made peace knowing I will never be a trim size 8 again, or even a 12 for that matter. Instead, I focus on having a healthy body & mind. Really, after 50+ years, seems I should have figured this out earlier and maybe I did, but now I consciously take steps to care for myself. When I feel good, I have more focus and more energy to work, play and create. Last year I reached a point and knew I needed to push my physical reset button. I went to my first fitness camp, affectionately known as fat camp, with my friend & colleague Rita Farro.

People go to fat camp for a variety of reasons. Yes, I needed to lose weight, but I also wanted to get back on track with eating. What does a normal food portion look like? I can tell you it's a lot less than restaurants serve, and smaller than my home cooking portions. Could my body adapt to reasonable food portions? Could I wake up my body with exercise and feel good without my body hurting? Could I make lasting changes to my food consumption and exercise? Could a week of exercise have lasting results? For me, the answer to all four questions is yes.

Rita took to heart the camp with life changing results. Check out Rita's personal blog. Her perspective is remarkable and inspiring: http://ritassewfun.blogspot.com/2017/08/r-fat-camp.html

Rita and I are returning to fat camp and YOU are invited. Yes, this is a big commitment and can be life changing, although I make no nutrition, weight loss or any promises. We are returning to Madeira Beach, Florida November 12 19, 2017. That's a check-in Sunday to check-out Sunday. I know, that is the week before Thanksgiving, and speaking from experience, can tell you the timing is perfect prior to the holidays. Rita and I both enjoyed the entire holiday food scene, but made conscious eating decisions while adding simple exercise into our routine lives. For instance, taking a skinny slice of pumpkin pie instead of the huge wedge. You get the idea, we were surrounded by holiday madness and made it.

If you are at a point where you would like to add or boost fitness to your life, then check out www.weightcrafters.com. If you are ready to take the next step to fitness and are available for the full week prior to Thanksgiving, let me know. A significant rate reduction is available. The cost is $1799 per person in a shared 2 bed/2 bath condo. This is a small condo residence with ten fully equipped units available. This is Sunday to Sunday. Tailored exercise each day according to your physical abilities. No worries if you are not near your physical goals, because there is no judgement, just START WHERE YOU ARE.

If you are ready, send me an email at rpierce@euronotions.com. I will give you booking instructions. This will be a fun loving, needle wheeling (no sewing, but sewing stories for certain) event with SCHMETZ goody bags. Grab a friend and meet Rita and I in Florida so we all get more fit to sew, quilt and live with more gusto!

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Rhonda & Rita on Madeira Beach, FL.