Needle Facts: Burrs

Think a needle lasts forever?  Take a look at this used needle.  On the left with our naked eye the needle point looks sharp.  Now magnetize that same needle a 1,000 times for a close up.  Look at that GIANT burr and those striations.  What is this needle going to do to your fabrics and thread? 

Dull Needle Close Up

 . . . . Shred or break threads, skip stitches, damage fabrics, create uneven stitches and your sewing machine sounds “funny”.  The solution is so easy and cost effective: 

Change Your Needle!




  1. Schmetz needles are the VERY BEST, hands down. Such an easy way to end frustration!

  2. Barbara Robb says:


    My name is Barbara Robb and I am the Chairlady for the Golden Rand Guild for Quilters in Johannesburg and was wondering if I would be able to put the picture of the new colour coded needles into our members news letter. This is a very useful picture and I only use Schmetz needles as do most of the quilting ladies.
    Thanking you Barbara Robb Chairlady GRG

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