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Laura Coia, Sew Very Easy YouTube StarLaura is a freelance educator, a pattern designer and the founder of the very popular YouTube Channel, “Sew Very Easy.” Along with her educational and entertaining sewing videos, Laura also travels to teach sewing/quilting classes and present trunk shows. —

On her YouTube channel, Laura teaches all aspects of sewing and quilting, while motivating everyone to spend quality time in the sewing room. Her videos are free and she shares many tips, techniques, and new ideas for the novice as well as the experienced. — Click here for video:

Laura says, “Life taught me how to quilt but quilting has taught me about life”.

Laura was one of six children, the oldest girl. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, her job was to help her mother with the cooking, cleaning, and of course sewing and mending. She especially loved the sewing and mending part!

The best thing about sewing as a child is that there are no restrictions and no rules to follow. She was allowed to just sew freely — and she did. She recreated, remade, and used whatever she could.

“My first machine was bought, or should I say traded for, when I was in grade 6. I washed my neighbor’s windows in trade for her old treadle machine. This was great as I did not need to plug it in and could bring it anywhere. It was in my bedroom, hallway, even in my closet. My cutting table was a board between my mattresses. Which worked out okay, but was a lot of work as I needed that board for support under my mattress. By grade 8 I had three machines . . . I have no idea how many machines I have owned since then.

When I was 16, the church ladies asked me if I wanted to help make a quilt. I was so excited and couldn’t believe they actually asked me to help. I came home with a little brown bag with fabric, and a pattern. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, I had to stitch and fold and turn and stuff, and stitch. However, by the time I finished that block, I was hooked and the following week I came home with a handful of those little bags. Much later in life I realized that I started with one of the most difficult blocks. The Cathedral Window!”

When she was 23, Laura married her childhood sweetheart, Ivo. She wore her mother’s wedding dress -— which needed a few alterations. She made her “going away outfit” — a winter white linen suit with a pencil skirt and a four button jacket. It also had a frilly pearl button shirt, and a matching hat with a small veil.

“I was very happy when child number one came, a boy named Corrado. How fun it was to sew for him, just like my mother did for me. I made him little shirts and suits, wool jackets with matching pants, suspenders, and hats, sweaters. Son number two came along, Vincenzo, and it was even more fun as now I could make matching outfits. Child three was a blue eyed, blond hair girl named Christina. As you can image, frilly dresses and pretty clothes came out of my sewing room. I made everything and loved those years. It was a great joy to be sewing for my home and my family. When Christina went to school all day, I got back into quilting.”

Because she was always sewing and fixing clothes for others, Laura eventually started her own teaching business. Although she set up a curriculum, she had trouble following her own program because her love of sewing centered around “how not to follow a pattern.”

Captain Laura Coia

Captain Laura

Ten years ago, Laura’s husband Ivo and his brothers started a fishing lure business: Thundermist Lure Company. Because the three of them still had full time jobs, running this new business became Laura’s new mission. She wore many hats at Thundermist — admin support, receptionist, shipping, receiving, customer service and marketing. Their son, Corrado, encouraged his father to film his fishing trips and start a YouTube Channel which became very popular and was a wonderful way to promote the business.

At the same time, Corrado also encouraged his mother to start her own YouTube Channel to teach all the sewing tips and techniques she’s learned over the years. At the time, Laura was too busy working for Thundermist Lures. But, eventually, Laura became convinced that she had something to offer and she thought making sewing videos would be fun. She started Sew Very Easy in February 2014.

Laura Demo’s Fashion Sewing as Well.

Laura Demo’s Fashion Sewing as Well.

She took over the largest room in the house, and created a 300 sq. ft. studio. At first, she thought the hard part would be coming up with different sewing projects — but, as it turns out, that was easy! The hard part was learning how to operate the camera equipment, figure out the editing software, and then upload the finished video to YouTube. All that video/computer technology, that was the real challenge!

Coming up with new ideas and sewing projects has never been an issue. Laura says, “I have so many ideas, projects, tips/techniques I want to share, I’m always super excited about making the next week’s video. This feeling has never changed. My mind is always two to three projects ahead of me. My ideas will spark up from just about anywhere or from anything. Fabrics, pictures, nature, buildings, other crafts and hobbies. With each new idea, a few more ideas are born, and the cycle continues to grow.” — Click here for video:

With two videos per week, it makes for a very busy schedule — every bit as busy as a full-time job and then some. Laura starts with an idea and builds on it, sourcing the right products and fabric.

Laura’s Strip Show with Fabric Panels.

Laura’s Strip Show with Fabric Panels.

“It’s exciting to know that my videos are watched by people all over the world. But the cycle doesn’t stop there. Some of the comments are truly touching, and I take great pride in answering every single comment and question. I am happy to help people with the art of sewing. This has become a continuous cycle in my life: create, stage/prep, film, edit, save, comment — repeat . . . and I love it.”

Laura truly loves being a freelance “YouTuber.” Because of her natural ease on camera, and her lifelong love of sewing, she is able to provide knowledge and simplify sewing so it’s not a fearful thing to do -— but, rather an easy, fun thing which is useful and creative. She feels like her viewers and subscribers are her extended family and she loves sharing sewing techniques and ideas, both new and old.

“When I’m not making new sewing videos, I find time to read, knit, cross stitch and of course spend quality time with friends and family. I enjoy entertaining and sharing a home cooked meal with friends and family. (Click here: — to see Ivo sharing our family recipe for the perfect beer batter fish.) Our family continues to grow. We have a grandson and another grandson expected soon. I am excited about passing the ‘thread’ of sewing on to the next generation, just as it was handed down to me.”

Rave Reviews for Laura Coia


  1. Elizabeth Beck says:

    Laura. I have been sewing for almost 60 years and I can tell you that your teaching series are a breath fresh air. I am a retired nurse educator and it is not easy to teach because everyone learns differently. I have made so many of your projects with great success. If you ever come to the states Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I would be honored to have you stay with us. Many many thanks for your love of sewing and life. Beth Beck

  2. Barbara Whyler says:

    I do enjoy your videos and find them to fire my enthusiasm as well, as learning new ideas. Thank you

  3. Kirsten Little Smith says:

    Thankyou so much Laura för your nice videos on you tube.I look at your different tutorials every
    day. I live in Sweden and have become very inspired in sewing and creating new projekts because
    of you. You are also an excellent teacher.

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