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Grabbit® Steel Sewing Pins - Product Image
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Grabbit® Steel Sewing Pins

Grabbit® Steel Sewing Pins are superior pins made to our quality specifications. They come in an array of colors with ample sized 4mm plastic heads that are easy to grasp and easy to push into fabric. The hardened steel shafts provide a long taper to a good sharp point. They are strong enough to resist bending, but for your protection, they will bend rather than break when put under too much stress. The shafts have a smooth finish to easily slide into fabric. In contrast to stainless steel pins, Grabbit® Pins have appropriate steel to be attracted by magnets. They come in an array of bright colors. These pins are perfect alone or to refill your Grabbit® Magnetic Pincushion.

Eighty (80) smooth carbon steel shaft 1-1/2" long pins with assorted colorball plastic heads.

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Price: $3.95 
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