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134R MR 3.0 Needles - Product Image
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134R MR 3.0 Needles

Canu: 20:05 1M
Size: MR 3.0
134R MR
1955-01 MR
135x5 MR

SCHMETZ MR Multidirectional Needles - BULK - Size 3.0 is equivalent to conventional size 85/13 - 90/14.

SCHMETZ MR needles are extreme needles specifically designed for multidirectional sewing. These needles have a much deeper scarf to ensure 100% stitch formation when sewing in multi-directions. MR needles are available in four sizes.


  • Extremely long and deep scarf.
  • The long groove runs at full depth for the complete length of the needle blade right down to the eye.
  • Scarf area with the same needle cross section as the upper blade area.


  • Wide space in the scarf area for the hook to pick up the needle thread loop. Prevents skipped stitches even on critical materials.
  • Optimum thread protection and functional guidance due to the deep long groove for the full length of the needle blade. Prevents the thread from untwisting and creates a better seam appearance.
  • The needle has increased buckling strength due to the same cross section in the blade and scarf area, which in turn, leads to less needle breakage.


Needles are sold in boxes of 100 only. When ordering please specify the number of boxes, not the total number of needles (i.e., quantity of 2 = 200 needles). Free shipping in the continental United States.

While supplies last. Limited Time Items are not returnable.


Price: $49.80 

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