Grabbit® BobbinSaver™


BobbinSavers™ are cute flexible plastic shaped circular
channels that hug up to 20 metal or plastic bobbins.

Original BobbinSaver™ — Class L (Home Sewing Bobbins) — Measures 3/4″ tall and 5-1/8″ diameter. Available colors:  Blue, Lavender, Red.

Jumbo BobbinSaver™ — Expands to fit snugly around metal or plastic bobbin measuring at least 1-1/16″ in diameter. This accommodates the Series 7 and 8 Bernina bobbins as well as some other industrial machine bobbins. Not compatible with Class M bobbins. Available color:  Purple.

Class M BobbinSaver™ — Designed to fit M bobbins and any others measuring about 1″ in diameter.  Available color:  Lime Green.


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