Flower of Light


Quilt Artist:  Janet Fogg

Photographer:  Dale Leix

Custom Hand-Dye Fabrics:
Jeanette Viviano

Artist StatementThe symbol Fleur De Lis is the inspiration for this piece.  Combined with the lily, symbolic of purity and the Queen of Heaven, this quilt is machine pieced with the illusion of the subjects superimposed yet transparent over a grid of six pointed split stars.  The quilt, consisting of rocks and ferns suggests an ancient mosaic wall as the canvas for this vision.

A few years ago at International Quilt Market & Festival in Houston TX, Flower of Light captured my attention. Those beguiling eyes. The kind smile. The all-knowing confidence of this heavenly being grabbed my heart and spoke to my spirit. How could all these split pointed stars — geometric shapes create such a soft and alluring quilt? Hand-dyed fabrics, metallic painted fabrics, batiks and crystals accentuate the subtle brilliance. What can I say? I see thousands of quilts every year, but Flower of Light is still one of my all-time favorites. Janet Fogg mastered the artistry of fabric, thread and imagination. I am so pleased to share this inspirational masterpiece with you.


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