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Last month SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #55 highlighted a few quilt museums in the United States. Intersecting with that theme was my birthday. Birthdays are always more fun with friends and family. Right! So a few of my buddies took a "Road Trip," gathering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, my alma mater, for a "Behind the Scenes" private tour of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. We had a grand time watching a quilt inspected and documented for acquisition as another quilt was prepared for an upcoming exhibition. Behind a heavy closed door we stepped into a quilt lovers treasure trove to view an array of quilts: Modern, traditional, multi-media, new, antique, famous and anonymous. Remember to label your quilts! We were awestruck by the breathe of the quilt collections and the dedication of our docent and museum personnel. Later, we attended the public tour of three galleries. What a glorious day! Friends and quilts followed by laughter over delicious French crepes.

Visiting major quilt institutions is not always an option, but with regional quilt shows popping up across the country, viewing masterful quilt galleries is a nearby option. In the current issue of SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #56, Rita Farro highlights quilt shows that may require less drive time. Be inspired. Sew more!

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Rhonda, Dot Wanitschke, Diane Gloystein, Sherrie Nelson, Linda Phillips, Rita Farro
International Quilt Study Center & Museum
August 1028

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #56

Road Trip II - Quilt Shows

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Forty years ago, before the resurgence of quilting ignited the birth of guilds across the country, if a quilter wanted their work to be seen, the only avenue was the once-a-year county fair. The prize given was a colored ribbon. Today, on any given month of the year, regional quilt shows are organizing exhibits featuring hundreds of talented quilters and offering thousands of dollars in prize money. The growth of quilt shows in America is phenomenal. Every quilt show features multiple quilt exhibits and so much more. A quilt show has a staff of professionals working year round to produce the show. They line up exhibits, manage the call for entries for quilt contests, hire professional quilters to teach or entertain with special events, organize an extensive class schedule, then rent out a large vendor floor. Really -- a regional quilt show is to a quilter what the Super Bowl is to a football fan.... Click HERE.



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Just a Few Testimonials from Friends:

Gail Yellen, Master Serger Expert

Am teaching my young friend, Megan, to sew. She wanted to make a raincoat for her dog, Sam. The closures were Velcro with EXTREMELY gummy, sticky adhesive. I told her that the adhesive alone would only stay on the raincoat fabric for so long with repeated use and suggested stitching it to the fabric. A regular needle became so gummed up that the eye was blocked. We switched to the SCHMETZ Super NonStick Needle and ... magic! It stitched like a champ. What a great development by SCHMETZ!

Mary Mulari, Master Apron Expert

Erica has worn the apron to work and LOVES the print and the two pockets. She and her family have beehives (the coffeehouse is also called The Hive). The bee and queen references really work well for her. I used the new SCHMETZ needle for sewing on "sticky" fabrics and it works very well. The new SCHMETZ Super NonStick Needle was GREAT with this Impwear extraordinary laminated cloth.

Click HERE for NonStick Needle information.

The newly introduced Grabbit BobbinSaver2 (pronounced BobbinSaver Square, not two) is receiving rave reviews. You'll LOVE the square, flat shape that holds three times more bobbins than the original BobbinSaver.


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Needle System 130/705 H


Needle Systems

130/705 H - Home sewing machines require a flat shank needle with a scarf. All needles in this system have a scarf and flattened shank for perfect positioning in the needle bar in relation to the hook.

15x1 H - Cross reference to 130/705 H.





Free Tickets!

In celebration of two "Road Trip" issues of SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW, two single day tickets are available to two AQS Quilt Week shows: September 12-15, 2018 in Paducah KY and October 36, 2018 in Virginia Beach VA.

How to win? Send a quick email by September 9th to with your favorite quilt road trip story and your shipping address. Request either the Paducah or Virginia Beach tickets. Winners selected randomly. Two tickets will be shipped via FedEx to two winners. No PO Boxes. Hurry!

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