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Like you, I am watching weather updates. On behalf of SCHMETZ & Euro-notions, we pray for the safety and well-being for each of you in the path of Irma and those enduring the aftermath of Harvey, fires and worldwide earthquakes. Despite the strength of Mother Nature, I believe the ever powerful loving human spirit will prevail. Be safe. . . . Be kind. . . . Help others. . . .
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Annie Unrein


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #43

Archived now at


Whose dream are you living? Annie Unrein, our featured creator and entrepreneur, asked herself this poignant question several years ago. As you will learn, her response was life changing. Checking in with yourself seems to be a constant activity, but asking this simple and powerful question is daring if you respond authentically. Her story of adventure, family and being true to herself is inspirational. Plus, her favorite quote is by Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right." Whose dream are you living? Dare to answer for yourself and let the creativity flow. Enjoy! Click Here!


Papanoonoo . . .

Upcycle Sewing Made Simple


Designer Michelle Paganini is known for her upcycled men's shirts. Her patterns use 2 or 3 shirts reworked into comfortable feminine shirts and dresses with a bit of flare. Michelle's instructions for the Double Collar is one of my favorite design elements. See Michelle's full pattern line at

My husband may soon be missing a few colorful shirts!

SCHMETZ Needle Fact - Copy & Paste into Your Own Newsletter or Blog!


How to Read the Needle Package.


Home sewing machines require a needle with a flat shank and a scarf
- that little indentation above the eye on the back side of the needle.
Needles with a flat shank and a scarf are identified as needle system
130/705 H. There are over 7,000 needle systems throughout the world.
Thankfully, 99% of home sewing machines use 130/705H.


Have You Seen These NEW Products at Your Local Shop?

- 3" Diameter -

- 3 Mini Grabbits per package -


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Professsional Grade Chrome Needles


Why Chrome?

- Less friction on thread passing through eye -
- Penetrates fabric with less resistance -
- Smoother stitch creation -
- Resists heat - improved durability & performance -
- A premium needle not available in big box stores -

Available now at local

quilt shops & machine dealers.

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2017-18 Schedule

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EE Schenck Trends*

September 14, 2017

Portland OR 

Chicago Quilt Guild*

October 4, 2017

Chicago IL

International Quilt Market

October 27-30, 2017

Houston TX


February 22-25, 2018

Pasadena CA

Sewing & Stitchery Expo

March 1-4, 2018

Puyallup WA


March 24-26, 2018

Charlotte NC

Creative Arts Business Summit

April 26-28, 2018

Washington DC

Pride of the Prairie*

December 13, 2018

Naperville IL


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