October 2016

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Power Quilters, Embroidery Enthusiasts and Stitch Mavens, there is a new needle in town! SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade needles. We have been watching and listening to how you stitch.

You are sewing faster and more intensely than ever. New home sewing machines are built to sew faster than ever - 1000 stitches/minute and more. SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade is the perfect sewing partner, and here is why:


  • Chrome resists heat.

  • Chrome resists wear. That little needle takes a beating stitch by stitch and it gets hot.

  • Chrome will stay cool longer with less stitch distortion.

  • Chrome aids the thread to pass through the needle eye with less friction and less heat build-up.

  • Chrome also allows the needle to pass through the fabric with less resistance.

For years Chrome has been the needle choice by industry professionals, and now SCHMETZ Chrome is available for our home sewing machines. I was so excited to get these needles, I grabbed a box as they were being delivered into our warehouse and made this quick video. Take a look, plus you can see why the cards are so colorful:



SCHMETZ Chrome is shipping now to your favorite independently owned quilt shop and sewing machine dealers.

So my dear friends, when your foot is on the pedal, power stitching to your own tune, keep up with SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade needles.
Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit Too!

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #32


Archived now at www.SCHMETZneedles.com.


The creative journey for Joyce Hughes began with a simple sentimental project that later, with the nudging of her local quilt shop, escalated into unexpected creative heights ... laced with tragedy. Learn how Joyce, through her local dealer, found the support and friendship that encouraged her creativity to soar on a new, unexpected career path. Joyce proves that quilt shop & machine dealers are MORE than brick and mortar. Support your local shop! Enjoy! Click Here!


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SCHMETZ App - Android/Apple Versions

Wondering which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for that! That's right ... and it's free! Available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.


SCHMETZ needles are easy to identify! Most needles have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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