October 2017

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Enthusiasm and youth are priceless. In February I received a letter from Jaiden explaining an upcoming science fair. Students were tasked with taking something they love and make an comparison. Jaiden loves to sew. Jaiden chose to compare sewing machine needle brands using multiple layers of denim. I don't know how many layers of denim defeated the other brands, but Jaiden sent a follow-up note. "Dear SCHMETZ, You won! You won by miles or should I say needles. Thank you for all your support. Love your brand and company. Love Jaiden."

The love of sewing can be powerful at any age. Helping kids find creativity and a sense of accomplishment in a lifelong hobby is priceless.
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Rhonda reading Jaiden's thank you card.

  A Personal Note from Rhonda

Today's message blends personal and professional interests. Are you fit to sew, quilt and live your life? Years ago, I made peace knowing I will never be a trim size 8 again, or even a 12 for that matter. Instead, I focus on having a healthy body & mind. Really, after 50+ years, seems I should have figured this out earlier and maybe I did, but now I consciously take steps to care for myself. When I feel good, I have more focus and more energy to work, play and create. Last year I reached a point and knew I needed to push my physical reset button. I went to my first fitness camp, affectionately known as fat camp, with my friend & colleague Rita Farro.

People go to fat camp for a variety of reasons. Yes, I needed to lose weight, but I also wanted to get back on track with eating. What does a normal food portion look like? I can tell you it's a lot less than restaurants serve, and smaller than my home cooking portions. Could my body adapt to reasonable food portions? Could I wake up my body with exercise and feel good without my body hurting? Could I make lasting changes to my food consumption and exercise? Could a week of exercise have lasting results? For me, the answer to all four questions is yes.

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Rhonda & Rita on Madeira Beach, FL.





Rob Appell


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #44

Archived now at http://www.schmetzneedles.com.


Rob Appell is riding the wave . . . scooping up sewing and quilting fans. Through Rob's energetic ManSewing videos, guys and gals learn to sew and seasoned sewists re-energize. Rob's projects, techniques and accomplished quilts keep us in stitches - yes, real stitches and giggles - with every Monday video release. Rob knows sewing machines inside and out. His high energy personality is infectious and authentic. Mix in his conversational style, personal interests, artistry and techniques and you too will want to catch Rob's sewing wave. Enjoy! Click Here!



Hosta Challenge 2017 has begun! Use Quiltster to create a Quiltworx Hosta using specific Island

Batik fabrics and enter to win over $4,000 in fabulous prizes!! Woo hoo!!

Sign up at Quiltster.com to participate in this contest.

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Cosplay . . . More than Just Dressing Up for Halloween



Cosplay is, actually has been, sweeping the nation and the world! Cosplay - costume and play - has a rich, colorful history going back decades. Cosplay is more than dressing up for Halloween ... much more! Costumes off the rack are expensive, but because we sew, making your own costume gives you not only individuality, but fit. Check out The Hero's Closet, Sewing for COSPLAY and Costuming.


Gillian Cohahan, editor-in-chief of Vogue Patterns magazine, gets the reader started in the grand adventure of cosplay.




SCHMETZ Needle Fact - Copy & Paste into Your Own Newsletter or Blog!

Needles don't last forever!

They are meant to be changed.


Clues to change the needle:

- Broken or shredded threads -

 - Skipped or uneven stitches -

- Puckered or damaged fabrics -

- Sewing machine makes a clicking, popping, or clunking sound -


Changing the needle is the easiest and least expensive way to improve stitch quality.


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