May 2015

Needle Points from Rhonda


There is a spring frenzy taking place in my office as preparations are underway for International Quilt Market. Next week I depart for Minneapolis MN along with shop owners, designers, writers, manufacturers, publishers, anyone associated with our awesome industry. Plus I am hosting a dinner to review some new SCHMETZ/Grabbit products before we go into production. You can get a glimpse into my world on Facebook. Just go in and "like" and watch as I maneuver in quilters paradise.
Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit Too!

Rhonda Pierce
Marketing Director
699 Executive Drive

Willowbook, IL  60527


The better to see your color value my dear!
Rhonda with Joleene Kooyman, Sew Red Glasses

Grabbit Product Update








NEW Grabbit Color

In January, our email readership was surveyed for the new color . . . "Lime Green!" they said. Grabbit Magnetic Pincushions are shipping now in Lime Green. We don't promise this Lime Green will glow in the dark, but it sure will be easy to spot on work tables.

Shipping Now in New Packaging - The Grabobbin

Whether you sew by hand or machine, the Grabobbin puts an end to runaway bobbins.





SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #15


In this issue:


The glorious Singer Featherweight is a rock star around the world. This sturdy little machine has a solid fan base. Whether teaching a grandchild to sew or traveling to class, the Singer Featherweight is a delightful treasure for today's sewing.


From my travels check out a few favorite quilts from QuiltCon 2015.


Learn about the three eye shapes of SCHMETZ home sewing needles.


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The SCHMETZ Denim Needle


Just as the name suggests, this needle is frequently used on Denim or Jean fabrics, but from my travels am learning that quilters that work with flannel love this needle too. This needle has a reinforced blade which reduces deflection when penetrating through fabric layers. Less deflection means a lower risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches. What you may not know about the Jeans needle is that the point is a modified medium ballpoint. That's right! At one time the point was a sharp, but eight years ago was changed to accommodate the needs of home sewing.

Available in Sizes: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, Assorted & Twin 4.0/100

Issue 12


Issue 13

Amy Barickman

Issue 14

Eileen Roche


Have you seen these back issues of SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW?

SCHMETZ App - Updated Version (1.2.1)

Wondering which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for That! That's right ... and it's free! CLICK HERE to download the most recent version (1.2.1).


At last ... easy to identify SCHMETZ needles! Most needles now have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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8" x 11"

4" x 6" Postcard Size

(2/page - Avery 5389)

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Where's Rhonda?

2015 Schedule

(Maroon color indicates Wholesale Venue)

International Quilt Market

May 15-17

Minneapolis MN

Gems of the Prairie

June 3

Peoria IL

Shipshewana Quilt Festival

June 24-27

Shipshewana IN

Designer Joi's Sewing Holiday

July 22-25

Sioux City IA

United Notions/Moda Fabrics Open House

August 16-17

Dallas TX

Janome Institute

August 18-22

San Antonio TX

Baby Lock Tech

August 29-September 1

St. Louis MO

International Quilt Market

October 24-26

Houston TX