May 2017

On the Road . . .

Two years ago I bought the fabric for this jacket at Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend. The beautiful grey, fuchsia and black double-faced wool called my name from the clearance rack. This week, I am tickled to return to Nancy's Notions wearing the finished jacket.

Occasionally my husband observes my "special" fabric collection and asks, "When are you going to use ALL that fabric?" Really ... ALL that fabric? YOUR identity is safe with me, but I have seen fabric stashes taking over basements, garages, secret closets, car trunks. Mine certainly is not noteworthy, besides, it fits on one closet shelf. Yes, I have a fabric stash, but my mode is to buy for specific projects, so my stash is very small.

I believe some fabrics require "seasoning" time when the right fabric, pattern, need and urge to sew intersect blooming in a passionate project. My jacket fabric "seasoned" for two years, which in my opinion is fairly quick. Apparently my husband relates to "seasoning," because of his love for grilling marinated and seasoned meats. Since I started using the term "seasoning," he stopped asking, "When are you going to use ALL that fabric?" Ha! I just had to change the terminology.

Let's have some fun! How long has your fabric stash been "seasoning?" Take a pic or PICTURES of your stash and share it on

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Rhonda's "Seasoned" Fabric
Right Fabric: Double-faced wool
Pattern: Today's Fit by

Sandra Betzina, Vogue #1364
Need: Light weight travel jacket
Urge: Panic sewing for something new

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There is no bigger joy than sewing doll clothes for a child you love. In the Nineteenth century, dolls were an expensive luxury item made one at a time, with hand-painted porcelain faces. After WWI, dolls were mass produced and became an affordable girl's toy for most families, but there was no such thing as a standard size. Until Barbie came to town. . . . Enjoy! Click Here!



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