June 2017

On the Road . . .

International Quilt Market is the ultimate destination for quilt shop owners. Big purchases are made to stock their shops so we can create quilts and quilty gifts. One observation I made is that fashion fabrics are gaining favor with quilters. The trend to sew your own clothes is growing and quilt shops are responding with classes and enticing fashion fabrics. If fashion sewing is new for you, or you have gained a few new curves since your last garment, I suggest picking up Judy Kessinger's Design It Yourself, A FitNice Workbook. Sewing should be fun and Judy provides not only written instructions, but accompanying videos that help remove the stress from sewing clothes. You will enjoy Judy's teaching style while making a garment that you will take pride in wearing because . . . ta da . . . it fits!

Look below also because I want to tease you. At quilt market I was promoting the new Mini Grabbits. Yes, they are adorable and ever so useful with their magnetic abilities. Over a year ago, I surveyed SCHMETZ and Grabbit fans as to what color they wanted to see next in the Grabbit product line. Yellow was a popular color and now looks ever so cheerful in this three pack. Thanks for your comments! Another survey via this newsletter is on the horizon, so keep your eyes open.

Thanks for reading my newsletter. I hope to catch up with you later this month in Toronto at Quilt Canada and in Shipshewana IN at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. I will be teaching SCHMETZ classes at both events. I would love to meet you!

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Rhonda's in Love with LuLu the Llama

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St Louis Spring 2017

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This issue is about In The Hoop machine embroidery, a fun and clever technique and the springboard to two different businesses: Embroidery Garden and Sisters In Stitches. We think you will enjoy learning about the technique, while also acknowledging three strong business women with moxie and vision, that stitch lasting memories for those that create and share their embroidery projects. Enjoy! Click Here!



  Coming Soon . . . Mini Grabbits!

What do you get when two Grabbits get together? Mini Grabbits! Available very soon at your local quilt/fabric shop and sewing machine dealers. Just like the original Grabbit, place the Mini Grabbits on your sewing table, ironing board, easy chair, office desk, work bench and junk drawer. Collects pins, paper clips, nails, and other novelties with nowhere else to go. Three cheery Mini Grabbits in a single pack.




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